PlayStation Plus members get money off Spotify subscriptions

Do you subscribe to Spotify? Do you also subscribe to PlayStation Plus? If you do, and there’s a good chance you do given their relevant popularities, you could save some money.

Not a lot of money, mind you, but 10 per cent off your Spotify Premium bill, which is a tenner a month in the UK. The discount will remain active as long as you maintain a PS Plus membership. PS Plus costs £7 a month.

To be eligible you need to subscribe to Spotify Premium through the PlayStation Store before 18th October, which is ages away. If you already subscribe this way, the discount will be applied automatically for your next billing cycle.

A saving of £12 a year isn’t much but it’s an incy-wincy leg-up for PlayStation, which used to offer Spotify on console exclusively until Microsoft bagged Spotify for Xbox last autumn.

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