NJPW announces several new matches for NJPW Strong tapings in Philly including Gresham vs. Coughlin, Yehi vs. White


New Japan announced four new matches for their Oct. 16 and Oct. 17 NJPW Strong: New Japan Showdown tapings at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pa. today.

Added to the Oct. 16 event was Juice Robinson vs El Phantasmo and Jay White vs Fred Yehi. New Japan also added two matches to the Oct. 17 event announcing Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Coughlin and Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor & J,R, Kratos & Royce Isaacs & Danny Limelight, & Jorel Nelson) vs. Ren Narita & Karl Fredericks & Fred Rosser & Rocky Romero & The DKC.

The complete lineup for the Oct. 16 event is:

  • Jonathan Gresham vs. Alex Coughlin
  • Team Filthy (Tom Lawlor & J,R, Kratos & Royce Isaacs & Danny Limelight, & Jorel Nelson) vs. Ren Narita & Karl Fredericks & Fred Rosser & Rocky Romero & The DKC

The complete lineup for the Oct. 17 event is:

  • Chris Dickinson vs. Minoru Suzuki
  • Juice Robinson vs El Phantasmo
  • Jay White vs Fred Yehi

Radican’s Analysis: I’m really excited about a couple of the matches announced today. Gresham vs. Coughlin should be an absolute mat clinic. White vs. Yehi is also a very intriguing match as Fred has been doing some really good work on the indies in 2021 most notably in AAW based out of Chicago.

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Nouvel An 2024 : comment les Français vont-ils souhaiter la nouvelle année ?

Dans la soirée du dimanche 31 décembre, vous recevrez peut-être un SMS de bonne année. Le téléphone plutôt que la carte de vœux, est-ce toujours aussi évident pour 2024 ? “Les cartes c’est une jolie tradition, mais personnellement, je ne [les] utilise plus”, admet une femme. 13% de SMS en moins sont envoyés depuis 2019. Les pratiques évoluent. Dans les années 2000, on envoyait des mails personnalisés. 

L’éternelle carte postale

Mais la plus vieille façon d’envoyer ses vœux reste la carte postale. Elle connaît son âge d’or au début du XXème siècle. Des années plus tard, pour certains pas question de faire disparaître la tradition. Dans une papeterie, une retraitée de 90 ans en achète chaque année. “C’est le lien d’abord, et pour souhaiter des vœux à qui on aime. [Les textos] c’est impersonnel, ce n’est pas de mon âge”, confie-t-elle. Pour séduire les plus jeunes, la carte postale tente ainsi de se moderniser. 

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WWE NXT 4/11 Full Match Card


Will Bron Breakker explain his blindside attack on Carmelo Hayes on this week’s episode of WWE NXT.

When: Tuesday April 11, 2023

Where: WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL

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How To Watch: Live on USA Network

WWE NXT 4/11 Match Card

  • Chase U MVP ceremony for Duke Hudson
  • Tiffany Stratton vs. Sol Ruca
  • Fallon Henley & Kiana James vs. Alba Fyre & Isla Dawn – NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship
  • Dragon Lee vs. JD McDonagh vs. TBD vs. TBD – NXT Championship Number One Contenders Match

CATCH-UP: 4/10 WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW RESULTS: Keller’s report on Lynch & Lita vs. Raquel & Morgan for tag titles, Cody-Lesnar fallout

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Adams Takes the Violin Up, Down, Around, and Through

Twenty-five years after the premiere of John Adams’ Violin Concerto, the music remains as vital, exhilarating, and strangely moving as the day it was birthed. An extremely demanding work, its three contrasting movements present a triathlon challenge of sorts to anyone who dares try to play them.

Here, she who rises to the challenge is violinist Leila Josefowicz. Provocatively pictured on the CD cover as a curious cross between an athlete in repose and Rodin’s reflective thinker, and shown inside the booklet in very hip, thoroughly artistic renegade drag, Josefowicz lives up to her reputation as a contemporary music specialist whose affinity for Adams’ music inspired him to write his Scheherazade.2 (Dramatic Symphony for Violin and Orchestra), which she premiered with the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Alan Gilbert, in 2015. On this recording, her partner in crime, as it were, is another contemporary music champion, David Robertson, who leads the St. Louis Symphony in this astounding performance of the 33-minute concerto.

Auditioned in CD format —a 24/96 download is available at multiple sites —the recording puts Josefowicz front and center, with the orchestra rather atmospherically recorded behind her. The miking is clear enough to hear her inbreaths at the start of especially demanding passages —there are lots of them —as well as some subterranean thumps that may originate with Robertson. It all adds to the excitement, of which there is plenty.

Lest any musician be tempted to take their time or romanticize the opening movement, Adams names it for its metronome marking. Over a perpetually rising and falling accompaniment that Adams visualized as “a very regular, slowly repeating wave form, a staircase wave that goes up and down,” Josefowicz’s instrument engages in restless churning that becomes more animated and complex as the accompaniment grows increasingly assertive. Chromaticism reigns in this wild music, which demands that the violinist play more notes per minute than seems fair. The music builds and builds until it winds down, and the second movement begins.

In a period of relative rest entitled “Chaconne: Body through which the dream flows”—the movement’s title comes from the title of a poem by Robert Hass —the concerto grows contemplative, mournful, and mysterious. This middle movement’s journey, in which the violin grows exceedingly tender as the orchestra plums the depths, is as hypnotic as it is moving. It’s music to space out with, and exceedingly beautiful.

The final movement, “Toccare,” takes off at full tilt and never slows down. As viscerally thrilling as it gets, it builds and builds as it whirls round and round and becomes exceedingly more complex. The huge ending is astounding, and designed to bring cheering audience members to their feet in classic violin concerto fashion. Any performer who holds their breath is lost.

Nonesuch actually issued the first recording of the Violin Concerto, with Gidon Kremer as soloist, back in 1996. That CD paired the concerto with Adams’ Shaker Loops. This new one, however, issues the concerto all by itself. With the download selling for full price, and the CD for just a bit less than that, this marketing decision may encourage people to instead check out some other recordings of the work, including an older one on Telarc on which Robert McDuffie also plays the Glass Violin Concerto. More recent recordings variously pair the Adams with concertos by Harris, Korngold, and what initially seems like strangest of all bedfellows, Mendelssohn —until you realize the classic similarities in their structure. Adams’s music may not be romantic, but he does engage in a romance with the physical that will send you flying.

Short shrift on value is the only criticism I have for this effort. Josefowicz’s performance is sensational, and deserves to be heard. Those who choose it as their introduction to Adams’s music will likely find themselves searching for more and more.

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LI Woman Penning Book On Lost Dog's 4th Of July Fireworks Journey

PATCHOGUE, NY — Like many small dogs, 10-year-old Prince Butler dislikes loud noises.

Over the years, he developed a pattern of running to his owners for swaddling in a blanket. It seemed to be the only way to calm him down.

And despite being owned by relations of the world-famous Grucci fireworks family, Prince has never been a fan of the displays, so his owners keep him away from shows.

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But they haven’t been able to control illegal fireworks, and when the summer season rolls around with neighbors setting them off left and right, the Butlers have had their hands fit to be tied.

This past July, Prince bolted from their Patchogue yard, having been sparked by the less-than-symphonic sounds of illegal displays resonating throughout the neighborhood. He was on his own for three days before he was reunited with them just before the big day itself — the Fourth of July — after someone found him hunkered down in a boat.

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It’s a tale that Danielle Butler is now penning into a children’s book with the working title of “A Sailor’s Saga, Memoir of Prince Butler.”

The long-haired, white chihuahua had been let outside to relieve himself in the family’s secured yard just before 9 p.m. on July 1, but he was scared off by the sound of fireworks, Danielle Butler told Patch.

“He is very afraid of loud noises, and he shot out of our yard,” she said.

Neighbors chased him, trying to get him back through Davis Park or the Sandpit Marina, and then up Beach Lane, down Patchogue Avenue, and finally back by the family’s nearby house, but they couldn’t get the terrified little guy.

The good Samaritans watched for about 15 minutes, and he seemed like he was trying to get to his house, but their efforts were in vain.

He was also seen jumping in the bay and then swimming across to Sandspit Marina, where he got out of the water and was running around the parking lot, not to mention back at the house trying to get inside the yard at one point.

Butler said that despite Prince’s small stature, she was not worried at the time that he might have fallen into the bay or met with some other nefarious means because he’s lightning fast.

“No, he’s pretty resilient,” she said, adding that she was worried “that maybe because he’s such a sweetheart of a dog,” somebody would find him “and just keep him and just not try to get him back to us.”

Butler admitted it was highly ironic that her family’s dog went missing under the circumstances.

Her family owns Grucci fireworks, and her mother, Donna Grucci Butler, is the former president of the company before selling it to her cousin, Felix Grucci.

The family performs synchronized shows all over the world, from grand openings to window reveals and New Year’s Eve, even presidential inaugurations. But the summer season has always been stressful for Prince. He’s afraid of loud noises, including thunder and mufflers on cars.

So adding fireworks can sometimes be too much for him.

“My mother is deathly afraid of fireworks, which is ironic considering that she was the president of the firework company,” Butler said. “To this day, she hates them.”

But illegal fireworks are hard to get away from over the summer, as they are bought out-of-state and then set off in neighborhoods, particularly around the Fourth of July. Despite public service announcements by the family as well as law enforcement, they proliferate the south shore area, according to Butler.

“Let me tell you, here we live right in Patchogue, and they’re all around us,” she said. “People are shooting fireworks.”

Donna has been battling ovarian cancer for the last four years and Prince has served as a very intuitive service dog, who keeps her nausea and other medication side effects in check, according to Butler.

Amid all the family’s stress, they were contacted by scammers looking to profit from Prince’s disappearance, Butler said.

One person told the family that they had Prince but wanted money in return, then another person told them that a neighbor had him and wanted money for more information, she added.

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Prince was finally found July 3 by a friend visiting a neighbor.

The dog had hundreds of people looking for him after the Butler family blasted his photo all over social media.

The friend was coming back on a paddle boat on the Patchogue River, when they saw him inside a dilapidated boat near Harbor Crab and they realized there was a resemblance to the dog on the flyer.

“What he must have done was run from our house and then kept running,” she said. “He ran down Patchogue Avenue and west through the boatyard on Campbell Street. And there was a boat at the end of that street and he jumped on that boat, and it must have been where he hunkered down for three days.”

He was found “all huddled” in the cabin of the boat before being scooped up to safety.

He was in good health, though he did lose 1 lb., probably from not eating.

Butler imagines Prince got into the boat to hunker down because he is used to it from boating with her.

“I guess he thought that was a safe place for him,” she said.

In her book, Danielle will chronicle Prince’s journey from his home, through the community, and back home to his family. In the story, which will be from the dog’s perspective, she plans to touch on the subject of illegal fireworks and the damage they can do. In one scene, she plans to introduce Prince to a military veteran, who is suffering from Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome, and is also scared of the fireworks.

The situation surrounding Prince’s journey is “highly ironic,” considering what her family does for a living, Butler said.

“I think a lot of people found a lot of irony in that in our message out there is don’t buy and do illegal fireworks,” she said. “Leave that up to the professionals who schedule them.”

The shows are held in public venues that do not require safeguarding animals.

“Versus John Smith next door who goes and buys a bunch of illegal fireworks and just starts rolling them out,” she said.

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'Not A Final Deal': Alexandria Mayor Addresses Sports Arena Proposal

ALEXANDRIA, VA — After the announcement of a proposed entertainment district with an arena for the Washington Capitals and Wizards in Alexandria’s Potomac Yard, Mayor Justin Wilson fielded questions from nearby neighbors in the Del Ray Citizens Association.

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The citizens association hosted the mayor to respond to questions about the proposal, which the teams’ owner Monumental Sports & Entertainment unveiled Wednesday with Gov. Glenn Youngkin, developer JBG Smith and City of Alexandria officials. Hundreds of residents attended the virtual meeting Wednesday.

“This has the potential to be a very, very significant net positive for the city’s taxpayers, and has the potential to offset the cost of the services that the residents of this city expect and demand — public safety, human services, transportation, education — for a long time to come and do so in a way that ultimately does not compromise our quality of life,” said the mayor during the Del Ray Citizens Association’s virtual meeting.

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The proposed $2 billion entertainment district, which would require approvals from the City of Alexandria and Virginia General Assembly, would include an arena for the Washington Capitals and Wizards, corporate headquarters for Monumental Sports & Entertainment, a Monumental Sports Network media studio, Wizards practice facility, performing arts venue and expanded e-sports facility.

JBG Smith’s mixed-use development at Potomac Yard is already planned to have new retail, residential, restaurants, hotels, conference and community gathering space uses. Virginia Tech’s upcoming Innovation Campus and the new Potomac Yard Metro are nearby.

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The mayor told residents that city leaders entered discussions about the proposed arena about six to eight months ago. He acknowledged that the announcement came as a surprise to local residents, but said major economic initiatives like the entertainment district and Landmark Mall redevelopment are negotiated behind closed doors.

“It has to be, it has to be confidential at the lead-up of the process, but just like we did with Amazon and Virginia Tech, and obviously, with Landmark and others, we are now entering the phase of public engagement and the opportunity to be transparent about this and talk to the community and ensure that that your input … is part of this process,” said Wilson. “We are going to spend the next year doing (that), so this is the beginning of a very public phase of this process and one where we’re going to have a lot of this, opportunities, large and small, for the community to engage with us, give input, tell us what they think about this.”

Economics and Development

The Potomac Yard has been the focus of significant development in recent decades, including the ongoing construction of the Virginia Tech Innovation Campus, which expects to open its first academic building in 2024. East of the current Potomac Yard shopping center is where Virginia Tech and the proposed Monumental Sports & Entertainment’s arena and Wizards practice facility would go. The current shopping center is eyed for future development by JBG Smith. Wilson noted that the shopping center’s Target does well and that an urban format Target would work well for Potomac Yard in the future.

“The north part of Potomac Yard is planned for about a million square foot of density eventually,” said Wilson. “The understanding was a suburban-style surface parking shopping center was not the future of a site adjacent to the Potomac Yard Metro.”

The mayor noted the COVID-19 pandemic’s lingering impact on commercial properties, which makes it unlikely for new offices to be built near Metro. City leaders have also been discussing for decades on diversifying tax revenue, as much of the tax revenue comes from residential property owners.

“The strategy of the city for a long time has been to diversify our revenues and promote more commercial growth that ultimately eases that burden on our residential taxpayers. And that drove this discussion in the first place,” said Wilson.

The mayor also addressed a concern that the arena is a taxpayer-funded handout to the wealthy CEO of Monumental Sports, Ted Leonsis. Pending Virginia General Assembly approval, the site would be owned by the Virginia stadium authority and would lease it to Monumental Sports & Entertainment. While the Virginia stadium authority would issue bonds for the project, that would be paid by several sources: Leonsis providing $400 million, rent payments over time by Monumental Sports & Entertainment, and a portion of new city and state tax revenues. That funding strategy was similar to the Potomac Yard Metro was funded, Wilson said.

“We are not using city tax dollars that are committed, tax dollars that we use to pay police officers, firefighters, educators, etc. We are using the new money generated by the project to pay off the debt,” said Wilson.

An economic study on the proposal will soon be released to the public to detail debt servicing, revenue impacts and more, Wilson said.


Transportation Impacts

The city’s community engagement process will likely bring up “very real concerns” about transportation, infrastructure, impacts on city services and more, according to the mayor. On parking, Wilson said the arena area is intended to be a transit area with parking kept to a minimum with 2,500 underground parking spaces proposed at the site. Neighborhood parking permit districts could be part of neighborhood protection discussions that would happen if the deal moves forward, according to Wilson.

The mayor also acknowledged that the current Potomac Yard Metro station doesn’t currently have the capacity for an arena and would need infrastructure investments. He believes some of the needed transportation improvements would be improvements to the Metro station and intersection and roadway improvements on Richmond Highway and adjacent intersections to address the volume of cars.

“I think that’s what we want to talk about with the community and determine a really robust transportation plan around other options for what can be done, and I think there are a lot of options and I think we’re going to work with Richmond to help ensure that the transportation impacts are managed as part of this process,” said Wilson. “But you know, I think our goal is to have this be transit that’s going to serve this site and get people to and from this site.”

But the proposal to move the teams from D.C.’s Capital One Arena in Chinatown to Alexandria isn’t a done deal. D.C. leaders have offered $500 million to upgrade the existing Capital One Arena and extension of the ground lease to 2052, the Washington Post reported. The existing arena dates back to 1997 and is one of the NHL and NBA’s oldest.

“This is not a final deal, this is not done,” said Wilson. “We have a lot of work that has to happen at both the local level and in the state and so, we will work to engage with the community and determine you know what types of mitigations are required to move this forward, and yeah, at any step of the way this could, this [proposal] could absolutely still die.”

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Reston Robotics Team Wins Regionals, Heads To Nationals In Texas

RESTON, VA — Students from Reston’s Ideaventions Academy for Mathematics and Science are traveling to Arlington, Texas on Thursday to compete in the Bell Advanced Vertical Robotics national championships. This is the second year in a row that the school’s robotics team has made it to the nationals.

“Last year, our team finished second in the nation for overall design and lost first place for Overall by one point out 400, but that was their first time competing,” Elizabeth Roberts Crowder, Ideaventions’ director of admissions and college counseling, told Patch on Tuesday.

Team Daedalus, which is made up of ninth through 12th grade students at the academy, earned a spot in this year’s nationals competition by placing first Overall at the regionals, which took place Nov. 10-11, in Arlington, Texas. They also won in the “Best Overall Design” and “Best Presentation and Communication” for the unique engineering solution to the challenged posed by this year’s robotics competition.

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Every year, high school robotics teams from across the country try to solve the same challenge. Competing against other teams in their area, the students work to perfect their robots and hopefully qualify for the regional and national competions.

“As a team we had a unique opportunity to employ a lot of professional engineering skills and techniques,” said Arya Lohia, a senior at Ideaventions Academy and Daedalus’ team lead. “Our team members have a lot of experience with operating systems, 3D printing, and laser cutting, which helped raise our team to the next level.”

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For this year’s challenge, teams had to simulate a helicopter dropping water onto a building fire. They did this by building two large drones with thermal and visual sensing and a system to drop the water, which was depicted by 25mm plastic balls. While the two drones autonomously navigated through the course, three small manually controlled drones completed additional tasks.

“Even if we walked away without a win, we would still be successful in how we worked together,” said Arlan Stehney, one of Daedalus’s coaches.

Unanet served as a Diamond-level sponsor for Team Daedalus. DEV Technology, Arjun Malavia, and Reliance Electronics Inc. served as Gold-level sponsors and FPT Software, Manu & Prabha Malavia, 3G Federal Solutions LLC, and The Transport Group acting as Silver-level sponsors.

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1,300 Tampa Families Get Ham, Turkey Food Baskets For Thanksgiving

TAMPA, FL — The fact that more than 200 cars lined up at Middleton High School in Tampa Saturday before the second annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Giveaway is a testament to the need in the community, said Chris Hill, chairman of the Tampa United Bikerz Jamboree.

By the end of the day, volunteers with Tampa United Bikerz had provided Thanksgiving dinners to 1,300 families.

Tampa United Bikerz is a community organization started to help the less fortunate in Tampa.

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Funds for the food baskets are generated by the group’s annual jamboree, a multicultural, family-oriented event with live music, motorcycle displays and vendors, held Memorial Day weekend, as well as donations from various community groups.

Hill said the group distributed more than 5,000 flyers over the past month to let the community know about the second annual Thanksgiving Food Basket Giveaway intended “to help the people in the neighborhoods, veterans, the less fortunate and anyone who needs it, we have food available,” said Hill.

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“This is a sacred time of the year,” said Hill, a Marine for 30 years.”More veterans commit suicide at this time of the year than at any other time of the year because they feel like they can’t provide for their families. We want to let them know we care about them.”

He said veterans, especially, are hesitant to talk about mental health problems. By providing Thanksgiving food baskets as well as on-site mental health resources, Hill said Tampa United Bikerz hopes to take some of the stress off veterans and other community members in need during the holidays.

“If someone feels like you care about them, they’re more likely to care about and take care of themselves,” Hill said.

The volunteers started the day with 750 turkeys and 700 hams along as well as fresh vegetables provided by Feeding Tampa Bay, over a thousand 5-pound bags of potatoes, canned goods and cake mix.

Community services were also on-site to help families in need including teeth cleanings by volunteer dentists, free haircuts, eye exams and eyeglasses, career resources and counseling.

About 100 turkeys and hams were left by 2 p.m. The remaining food will be donated to churches and local community groups, Hill said.

Partners in the effort include Safe & Sound, Visit Tampa Bay, Rise Up for Peace, the Tampa Police Department and Feeding Tampa Bay.

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Nurses At Braintree Endoscopy Center Authorize A Strike

BRAINTREE, MA — Registered nurses at a Braintree endoscopy center have approved a strike as they have faced pushback on contract negotiations.

Registered nurses at Brigham and Women’s Harbor Medical Associates South Shore Endoscopy, represented by the Massachusetts Nurses Association, voted on Nov. 1 to authorize a one-day strike because “Mass General Brigham executives have refused to agree to a fair contract that would provide competitive pay, reasonable time off, and daily overtime, enabling nurses to continue providing the high-quality gastrointestinal care patients deserve,” according to a statement.

The center is owned by Mass General Brigham, the largest private employer in Massachusetts.

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Though no date has been determined yet for the strike — and nurses hope to avoid one entirely — it’s unlikely that they would go into 2024 without a new contract.

“We have negotiated in good faith and made reasonable compromises to reach a fair agreement that would ensure South Shore Endoscopy Center has a strong nurse workforce for our patients,” said SSEC RN Christine Smith, a member of the nurses’ MNA Bargaining Committee. “Mass General Brigham has repeatedly rejected our efforts and has forced us into a position to take a strike vote.

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“If we go on strike, it will be MGB executives who are disrupting patient care access and our community through their stubbornness and greed,” Smith said. “MGB makes enormous profits and pays its executives millions of dollars but refuses to compromise with nurses who provide exceptional care day in and day out.”

If a strike is scheduled, that date will be announced to the public once the hospital has been given the 10-day notice required by law. SSEC nurses would then plan to hold a 24-hour strike unless MGB agreed to a fair contract by that date.

MGB officials told Patch that, if a strike does happen, they will have a plan in place to make sure the center opens that day.

“We value the contributions of our nurses at the SSEC and hope to reach an agreement so that we can move forward together and provide the best care for our patients,” said Kris McCue, Regional Director of Operations, Harbor Medical Associates.
“While we continue to negotiate in good faith, patient care remains our top priority. Patients and their families can be assured that we will have a plan in place to ensure that patients scheduled for procedures have access to care without delay and that we will be communicating directly with patients and their families should the union decide to strike before an agreement is reached.”

The 16 registered nurses won a union election in Sept. 2022, and have been negotiating for a new contract since the winter of 2022.

Among the chief concerns of the nurses are wages, but also the current policy for holidays and time off.

The nurses work as hourly employees at the center which, as is currently set up, means that if they want a full paycheck during weeks that the center is closed — holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, for example — they must use personal time off, as they won’t be paid for the days otherwise.

This proves problematic for people needing additional time off, as they must decide between a full paycheck or the option to take days off for unexpected life events or vacations.

MNA representatives said Mass General has refused to fix that issue to this point, even as the nurses believe they have made other compromises in the negotiating period.

In addition to a change to the time off policy, the nurses have proposed wage increases to bring their pay to industry-competitive levels, and to institute daily overtime pay, something MNA reps said is standard at other healthcare facilities.

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The nurses have gained support from the local community during the negotiations, including Mayor Charles Kokoros.

“Nurses play a critical role in our healthcare ecosystem and we must never take their advanced skills, dedication, and hard work for granted,” Kokoros said.

“As Mayor, I hope Mass General Brigham executives and Mass Nurses Association leaders can swiftly come to an agreement and avoid a strike. As a strong supporter of organized labor and collective bargaining rights, I urge Mass General Brigham to negotiate a contract worthy of the excellent care your nurses deliver for patients every day.”

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Petition Launched, Protest Planned Against UI Towers In Fairfield

FAIRFIELD, CT — A Change.org petition has been launched in opposition of the proposed United Illuminating high-powered transmission line in Fairfield, and a protest has been organized for Sunday to ramp up the pressure on UI to cancel the plan.

Sasco Creek Neighbors Environmental Trust, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit group, is spearheading the movement against the plan, which calls for the installation of tall monopoles carrying a 115kV power line along a 7.3-mile stretch through Fairfield and Bridgeport.

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As of Monday, the petition had garnered more than 600 signatures toward a goal of 1,000.

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“If the UI project proceeds as planned, it will unleash profound and irreversible repercussions that will detrimentally affect our local economy, environment, and overall quality of life,” said Andrea Ozyck, an organizer and spokesperson for the Sasco Creek group, in a statement. “Regrettably, the lion’s share of these impacts and costs will be shouldered by the residents, organizations, and businesses in Southport, Fairfield, and Bridgeport.”

Ozyck added, “The dramatic surge in community attendance at the evidentiary hearings has underscored a growing awareness and concern around this project. It would send a powerful message to the Siting Council if this trend continues so I would encourage anyone who is troubled by the project to attend the next hearing on November 16th.”

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Earlier this month, dozens of residents attended an informational hearing about the project, and voiced overwhelming disapproval of the proposal.

Sunday’s rally is scheduled for 2 p.m. at the Pequot Library.

Additionally, residents are urged to voice their opposition to the Connecticut Siting Council, at siting.council@ct.gov, attention Melanie Bachman, Executive Director.

For more information, visit the SCNETI website or Facebook page.

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