Jade Cargill: AEW Prepared Me For WWE

Jade Cargill made her WWE in-ring debut at the 2024 Royal Rumble Premium Live Event on Saturday night, entering the Women’s Royal Rumble match at number 28 and making it to the final three, where Liv Morgan eliminated her.


During a recent interview with Denise Salcedo, Cargill noted AEW prepared her for her WWE run. 

“I felt like I would have never got a better start other than AEW. That’s me being very honest. The veterans in the locker room prepared me for the grander stage at WWE. I got a great experience there, being thrown into the water and being able to swim and survive, it’s prepared me for the big stage that WWE has, the locker room, the phenomenal staff that WWE has. They have a front office like no other. I’m just ecstatic to be here,” she said.

 (H/T to Fightful for the quotes) 


Flood Watch Issued As Back-To-Back Storms Barrel Down On SoCal

LOS ANGELES, CA — The recent dry weather and unseasonably warm days are on their way out as Southern California braces for two storms that could bring heavy rain and the potential for flooding over the next week.

The National Weather Service issued a high surf advisory and wind and flood watches to take effect across Southern California early Thursday morning as forecast powerful downpours have the potential to create flash floods as well as coastal flooding. The storm is expected to move into the region late Wednesday night with the most powerful rainfall and heaviest mountain snow expected Thursday.

A notable cooldown will begin Wednesday as clouds roll in, with highs plummeting to the low 60s across much of Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties, according to the National Weather Service. Southwest Riverside County will see temperatures drop by 12 degrees as the storm moves in Thursday while the Pass area expected to experience a whopping 20-degree temperature drop.

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The first of the two storms will enter the region Wednesday night, with moderate to heavy rain expected to move into LA County and making its way south and inland overnight. The heaviest rain is expected during the morning rush hour across the Southland Thursday due to the atmospheric river-fueled storm, the NWS said.

“This one is pretty fast moving but packs some punch in the form of some strong southerly winds that will generate a large upslope rain enhancement along the south and southwest facing mountain slopes,” the NWS said.

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A high surf advisory will go into effect from 4 a.m. Thursday through 6 a.m. Saturday from San Diego to Los Angeles County. A wind warning will be in effect in Orange, San Diego, and Riverside counties from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday. A flood watch will remain in effect from 6 a.m. Thursday to 10 a.m. Friday.

Snow showers are possible in some of the local mountains Thursday night when the snow level is expected to drop below 4,000 feet. The Grapevine could also see snow accumulation, the NWS said.

The heaviest snow is expected in the San Bernardino and Riverside county mountains Thursday, with 18-24 inches possible at 8,000 feet, the NWS said.

The following rainfall totals for Wednesday and Thursday are forecast:

Flooding could be a concern in San Diego, the NWS said.

“The current river forecast has the San Diego River at Fashion Valley rising high enough to flood the low-water crossings by early Thursday afternoon and rising above flood stage by early Thursday evening,” the NWS said.

Winds between 20 and 50 mph will be common across SoCal, with the strongest gusts in the mountains and deserts, the NWS said.

Drier weather is expected in most parts of LA County Friday and Saturday, though light showers are possible in parts of the Inland Empire, Orange County and San Diego on Friday and possibly into Saturday, the NWS said.

The second storm — likely to be much stronger — is set to arrive in the region Sunday, with periods of moderate to heavy rain expected through Tuesday, the NWS said.

Forecasters say this storm has a “large range of outcomes” and it’s too early to offer a detailed forecast. But one outcome could include 12 to 24 hours of steady rain and strong winds. The storm could bring a high risk of flooding and heavy mountain snow, the NWS said.

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NYC Council Overrides Mayor's Veto Of NYPD Police Report Bill

NEW YORK CITY — New York City Council members overwhelmingly voted to override Mayor Eric Adams’ veto of a police reform that requires cops to provide basic information about low-level stops.

The dramatic 42-9 vote Tuesday came after Adams undertook a weeks-long public pressure campaign against the bill, known as the “How Many Stops Act.”

More Council members voted for the override than the bill itself, including Manhattan’s Erik Bottcher, who originally voted against the bill, and several lawmakers who had abstained from voting.

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The mayor’s opposition not only highlighted a rift between him and the majority of City Council members, but also — in their telling — with reality itself.

Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, who is not related to the mayor, decried what she called the “proliferation of misinformation” against the How Many Stops Act. All the bill does is require police to provide basic information about the people being stopped in the city, an important transparency measure to avert racially biased policing such as stop-and-frisk, she said.

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“The resistance to this legislation is disturbing,” she said.

“There should not be resistance to telling the truth about who’s being stopped in the city.”

City Council members also voted to override the mayor’s veto of a solitary confinement ban.

Eric Adams, for his part, maintained the bills will make New Yorkers less safe.

“These bills will make New Yorkers less safe on the streets, while police officers are forced to fill out additional paperwork rather than focus on helping New Yorkers and strengthening community bonds,” he said in a statement. “Additionally, it will make staff in our jails and those in our custody less safe by impairing our ability to hold those who commit violent acts accountable.”

Adams said he hoped Council members would be open to amending the bill to address the concerns he had about low-level stops.

He said his sole problem with the bill is that requiring police to provide basic information — notably apparent age and racial background — of people in “Level One” stops would be time-consuming for cops.

Police undertake more than 8 million such interactions every year, he said.

“If you talk to a victim of a crime or law enforcement professional, they would tell you in public safety seconds matter,” he said.

The road to the veto override has been rocky and sometimes absurd.

At one point, Adams’ team released a cartoon that showed an NYPD officer being surrounded by paperwork while a criminal commits crimes.

“I love this new law,” the criminal says as he speeds off in a car.

Adams eventually vetoed the “How Many Stops” bill, despite the Council’s veto-proof majority, nearly two weeks ago. The move set up an inevitable confrontation with the City Council, and a daily back-and-forth over the bill.

Perhaps the most dramatic moment came last week, when Council Member Yusef Salaam — who is one of the exonerated Central Park Five — was pulled over by an NYPD officer.

Salaam contended the cop never gave him a reason for the stop — an assertion that prompted NYPD officials to release body cam footage from the encounter in unusually quick fashion.

Adams and police argued the footage showed cops did nothing wrong, but an analysis of audio showed the officer never responded to Salaam’s question as to why he was being pulled over.

The mayor, during an interview with WNYC’s Brian Lehrer, still maintained the interaction was “picture perfect” on both sides, even as he said NYPD officers should tell people why they’re being pulled over.

“I don’t have a problem with that,” Adams said about requiring officers to do so.

Adams continued his public pressure campaign right up until the Council met Tuesday to vote on the veto.

But Public Advocate Jumaane Williams — who once accused Adams of spreading “Trumpian lies” about the bill — said the bill simply won’t do what the mayor said.

“The misinformation about how to do it — telling people that officers will have to stop what they’re doing to fill out a form — is not in good faith,” Williams said.

Council Member Selvena Brooks-Powers, said the mayor’s offer to go on a police ride-along — part of his late-hour pressure campaign — actually undercut his argument that the bill would add to cops’ paperwork.

Most information that cops have to log is done in a matter of seconds by phone, she said.

“There’s no paperwork,” she said. “The only paperwork that’s being filled out is when there’s an arrest.”

Salaam said both bills — the police report and solitary ban — have the power to bring generational change to the criminal justice system.

He then began to recount his own infamous experience of injustice decades ago.

“If these laws were in place, in 1989…,” he said, visibly shaken and unable to speak further.

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Trick Williams Says The “Whoop That Trick” Movement Has Begun When Asked About Joining The WWE Main Roster

Trick Williams is ready for the big time.


The NXT star and former North American Champion made his main roster debut on this past Friday’s SmackDown when he saved his longtime friend/partner, Carmelo Hayes, from a beatdown. The Florida crowd serenaded Williams with his signature “Whoop That Trick” chant.

During an interview with Lucha Libre Online Williams was asked about whether he was permanently getting moved to the main roster. He says that a lot of good things are in store for the future and that fans should stay tuned.

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The ‘Whoop That Trick’ movement has begun. So we gotta wait and see. You never know. NXT Championship, Dusty Classic on Tuesday, me and my boy ‘Melo getting the work. We got a lot of good things in store.

Check out the full interview below.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

New WWE SmackDown Announce Team Revealed

WWE has made some changes to its commentary team recently.


Kevin Patrick has been removed from his duties as the SmackDown play-by-play commentator and has been replaced by Michael Cole. However, this change is not permanent, as WWE plans to introduce a new play-by-play announcer for SmackDown in the near future.

On Monday’s Raw, Wade Barrett was replaced as the color commentator by Pat McAfee. This change is said to be permanent.

Pwinsider reports the plan is for Barrett to work with Corey Graves on the SmackDown team, with Graves being the new lead announcer while Barrett would remain as a color commentator. 

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Bruce Prichard Thought The Pairing With Edge and Vickie Guerrero Was Absolutely Excellent

Bruce Prichard recently talked about a wide range of topics on his Something To Wrestle With podcast while covering the 2008 WWE Royal Rumble. Here are the highlights: 


On the pairing with Edge and Vickie Guerrero on TV: 

“Yeah. Absolutely excellent. They were game for everything. And there was nothing. I cannot give you one example of them ever saying no to any idea that was presented to them. And everything that they did, they went in with a huge smile on their face, and they did it to perfection. They usually did it a lot better than you could have, you know, hoped and imagined. As you picture it in your mind, you say Hey, can you do this? Yes, I can do that. And I’ll do that great. As a matter of fact, what if we did this? You know us a little bit more. And they got it, and you felt that through the screen because it was natural. There were two talents that really wanted to take it to the next level, and they did know that they did Edge.”

On Freddie Prinze Jr.’s run on the WWE creative team: 

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“Freddie was on the writing team. I think Freddie is a great guy, man, I think the world of Freddie but Freddie was part time. I mean, Freddie came in, and he would sit in on meetings, and he would be on TV. I think what Freddie helped a lot of talent with was their acting chops. And in making it, make it your own man. Um, but I didn’t spend that much time working with Freddie. During the time I spent working with Freddie, I enjoyed that extremely talented guy. And a lot of fun to be around.”

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article, please credit the Something To Wrestle With an h/t to Wrestling Headlines for the transcription.

Commercial Hauler Tipping Fee Increase Approved By Greenwich Selectmen

GREENWICH, CT — The Greenwich Board of Selectmen last week unanimously approved an increase to the tipping fee for commercial haulers at the Holly Hill Transfer Station.

The fee will now be $119 per ton, up from $112. This is the first increase since the tipping fee was implemented in 2020. The new amount is expected to take effect July 1.

Greenwich Department of Public Works Commissioner Amy Siebert first appeared before the selectmen in early January to present the fee increase. She noted that the price of municipal solid waste is going up.

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“I make a plea constantly for people to reduce what they’re producing. The more we produce, the more we throw away, the more that hits Holly Hill; it just costs us more,” she said.

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In a memo to the selectmen, Siebert explained the reasoning for the proposed increase and how it will help.

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“While the tipping fees do not cover the full cost of operations, they clearly help offset the cost of disposal in the town budget,” the memo said. “Increasing the tipping fee to be more in line with current costs appears prudent at this time, particularly as the fee has been kept flat since its inception.”

DPW said in its memo it is forecasting that fiscal year ’24/’25 may see as much as 34,000 tons of municipal solid waste landing at Holly Hill, with an approximate $120 per ton all-in disposal cost as a result.

Municipal solid waste revenues were $1.8 million in fiscal year ’20/’21; $2.3 million in ’21/’22; and $2.6 million in ’22/’23, according to DPW.

The July 1 start date, the beginning of the fiscal year, would give enough time for advance notice for those impacted, Siebert said.

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Pays-Bas : à la découverte de la Venise hollandaise

En hiver, le décor de carte postale semble figé par le froid. On trouve très peu d’embarcations sur les canaux gelés de Giethoorn (Pays-Bas). Pourtant, le bateau est le moyen de transport privilégié de ce village de 1 200 habitants. Il n’y a pas de routes et pas de voitures pour préserver la quiétude des lieux. La Venise hollandaise est appréciée des touristes, même en hiver. Sa réputation est due à l’attention minutieuse portée à tous les détails.

176 ponts

L’eau peu profonde gèle facilement. Il est donc commun de voir des scènes de patinage l’hiver venu. Lorsqu’il fait froid dehors, les voisins se retrouvent souvent après le travail. L’absence de voitures rapproche tout le monde. Le postier, quant à lui, circule toujours à vélo, quelle que soit la météo. Il fait sa tournée deux fois par semaine et doit contourner les 176 ponts que compte le village, car il gèle trop en hiver.

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Le meilleur film de la semaine est “un grand mélo comme on les aime, subtil, bouleversant”

Pour vous aider à faire vos choix, voici les films de la semaine les mieux notés par la presse sur AlloCiné !*


1er : Le Temps d’aimer – 3,8/5

“Un grand mélo comme on les aime, subtil, bouleversant, qui considère avec noblesse les fragilités humaines. Un récit à la Stefan Zweig.” Par Julien Rousset (Sud Ouest)

“Accompagnée par un duo d’acteurs formidables, Katell Quillévéré interroge le couple avec beaucoup de délicatesse et signe un récit poignant.” Par Baptiste Thion (Le Journal du Dimanche)

Le Temps D’Aimer

Sortie :

29 novembre 2023

2h 05min

Katell Quillévéré

Anaïs Demoustier,
Vincent Lacoste,
Paul Beaurepaire



Séances (653)

2ème : Augure – 3,7/5

“Le délitement du récit fabuleux et le glissement de sa matière vers le féminin sont ce qui passionne en premier lieu dans Augure, œuvre foisonnante, insaisissable, sur le mystique comme mode de vie et de contrôle – du corps des femmes notamment.” Par Jérémie Oro (Les Inrockuptibles)

“Une plongée hallucinatoire, politique autant que furieusement féministe dans les contradictions culturelles et la beauté rageuse d’un pays si proche et cependant si loin de son auteur.” Par Xavier Leherpeur (La Septième Obsession)


Sortie :

29 novembre 2023

1h 30min


Marc Zinga,
Lucie Debay,
Eliane Umuhire



Séances (47)

3ème : Perfect Days – 3,6/5

“Un bonheur de film, qui fait l’éloge de la pleine présence à l’instant avec une absolue délicatesse.” Par Anne-Claire Cieutat (Bande à part)

“C’est inattendu, déconcertant, beau et, d’une certaine manière, fascinant.” Par François Forestier (L’Obs)

Perfect Days

Sortie :

29 novembre 2023

2h 05min

Wim Wenders

Koji Yakusho,
Tokio Emoto,
Arisa Nakano



Séances (391)

Sorties, news, interviews… Retrouvez toute l’actualité des films Indés


1er ex-aequo : Perfect Days – 4,1/5

“C’est sans doute le meilleur film de Wim Wenders, d’une simplicité et d’une efficacité époustouflante, un chef d’œuvre. Un hymne à l’humanité.” Par marvo

“”Perfects days” est beau et triste, calme et apaisant, doux et propre, tout simplement sublime.” Par Cinéphiles 44

1er ex-aequo : La Tresse – 4,1/5

“A lire, à relire, à voir, à revoir ! Vu en VO et en version française, et chaque seconde est une merveille : les femmes, les langues, les émotions, les chemins de vie, les musiques … un voyage bouleversant.” Par Sonia T.

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“Je mets très peu de 5 *, et suis très difficile niveau films, mais là véritable chef-d’œuvre, d’une grande puissance poétique, visuelle, actrices magnifiques, paysages splendides, émotions, tutti quanti…” Par evariste75

La Tresse

Sortie :

29 novembre 2023

1h 59min

Laetitia Colombani

Kim Raver,
Fotinì Peluso,
Mia Maelzer



Séances (964)

3ème : Le Temps d’aimer – 3,6/5

“Un film qui aborde une multitude de thème important. Dont certains faits historiques méconnu. Mais ce film est avant tout sur l’amour, sa pluralité, sa difficulté, son intensité, sa beauté.” Par Anna Hell

“Ce film va vous toucher, ou c’est à n’y rien comprendre. Si on part du principe que ce n’est que le début pour Katell Quillévéré, on a nous aussi tout le temps de l’aimer, et que c’est bon d’y penser.” Par Critique Facile

* Selon les notes du baromètre AlloCiné, à la date du vendredi 1er décembre 2023, pour des films sortis en salles le 29 novembre possédant au moins 10 critiques pour le top presse et 50 notes pour le top spectateurs. Ces deux tops ne comprennent pas les films déjà sortis une ou plusieurs fois en France.

'Reap What You Sow' Baseball Bat Murder: Amari Morgan To Plea Guilty

JOLIET, IL — This month marks eight years of being in custody for Amari Morgan, the 25-year-old Joliet Township resident who whacked his 62-year-old neighbor Bob Bielec across the head with a baseball bat, over and over until he died, according to 2022 trial testimony.

Amari Morgan’s accomplice, his older brother Blaique Morgan, is now serving his first-degree murder sentence at the Illinois Department of Corrections. Amari Morgan has remained in Will County’s Jail since turning 18 years old, and being moved to the adult jail on March 11, 2016.

Last June, Will County Judge Vincent Cornelius sentenced Blaique Morgan to 27 years in prison, giving him credit for time already served — 2,724 days. The remaining portion of Morgan’s sentence will be served at 100 percent, Will County prosecutors noted.

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At 9:30 a.m. on Monday, Amari Morgan will return to Courtroom 404 of Judge Cornelius, and his case is listed on the court schedule as a guilty plea.

Amari Morgan has been represented by private counsel, the downtown Joliet law offices of Jeff Tomczak of Tomczak Law Group.

Find out what's happening in Jolietwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Last June, at Blaique Morgan’s sentencing, Judge Cornelius told him, “vigilante justice is not acceptable in a lawful, law-abiding society. The court is also mindful that it is necessary to deter others from this kind of conduct in the future.”

Blaique Morgan was responsible for concealing and destroying evidence after the murder happened, the judge pointed out. The bloody baseball bat was disposed of and never found by Will County Sheriff’s detectives.

The Morgan brothers ambushed Bielec and bashed in his skull, causing him to die from head trauma moments after Bielec pulled into his driveway, under the dark of night, around 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 7, 2016. “As the court said, there are no winners, no losers,” Cornelius remarked.

During closing arguments at Blaique Morgan’s bench trial, Assistant State’s Attorney Mike Fitzgerald reminded Judge Cornelius there were several sticky notes — identical to ones from Blaique Morgan’s own bedroom — scattered all over the yard declaring, “Reap What You Sow.”

“I had nothing to do with that,” Blaique Morgan told Will County Sheriff’s detectives.

The Preston Heights resident said the “Reap What You Sow” Post-It notes were scattered outside before their driveway confrontation with Bielec in the 1700 block of Houston Avenue.

He suggested his then-17-year-old brother Amari could have made them.

“My brother, he’s not been a subliminal person,” Blaique told the detectives.

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