Former State Senator Kaplan 'Determined To Win' Santos Seat

PLAINVIEW, NY — A two-time state senator wants to take down embattled congressman George Santos.

Anna Kaplan, a Democrat from Plainview, is running for Santos’ seat next year. Although Santos has maintained he won’t resign, Kaplan is committed to the primary regardless of his plans.

“It took me a while to make that decision. I’ve given it a lot of consideration,” Kaplan told Patch.

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She spoke with residents, community leaders and union members before going into full campaign mode.

“I’m determined to win this seat,” she said. “Being responsive to the residents and the constituents, that’s what I bring and this sets me apart from everybody in this race.”

Find out what's happening in Plainviewwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Santos won the 3rd congressional election in November. But the lawmaker was indicted in May on federal fraud, money laundering and making false statements to the House of Representatives.

Since his win, aspects of Santos’ personal and professional life have been fabricated, although he has only admitted to certain parts as lies.

“It is disgraceful for this district to be represented by a conman, by a liar,” Kaplan said.

While Santos remains in office, the House Ethics Committee is investigating. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has not expedited plans to expel.

“I think it’s perfectly clear. Kevin McCarthy needs his votes,” she said. “The Republican party is in disrepair.”

If Santos does ultimately step down, it likely would trigger a special election before next year’s regular election cycle.

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“I don’t have a crystal ball to look and see what would be most advantageous [for me],” Kaplan said. “I’m doing my best to show who I am [and] what I’m about.”

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