WWE Raw live results: Seth Rollins & Finn Balor contract signing

The build to SummerSlam continues tonight on Raw at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida.

World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins and Finn Balor will have a contract signing to make their title match official for SummerSlam. Rollins retained against Balor at Money in the Bank after a distraction from Balor’s Judgment Day partner Damian Priest inadvertently cost him the match.

Drew McIntyre and Intercontinental Champion Gunther will have a face-to-face confrontation which will likely lead to a title match at SummerSlam.

Logan Paul returns to Raw to confront Ricochet, also likely leading to a SummerSlam match.

Becky Lynch will have a rematch against Zoey Stark and must win to get a match against Trish Stratus at SummerSlam.

Tommaso Ciampa will face Bronson Reed and is looking for revenge after Reed cost him a match against The Miz. Ciampa attacked Reed during his match against Shinsuke Nakamura last week, resulting in a DQ loss for Nakamura.

Cody Rhodes is advertised to appear to address Brock Lesnar after Lesnar laid him out in his hometown last week.


Show Recap – 

Rhea Ripley, Finn Bálor and Damian Priest stood in the ring to start the show. Ripley said Judgment Day doesn't just run Raw, they run all of WWE. Bálor said he was the next world champion, Ripley was the unbeatable Women’s champion, and Priest was Señor Money in the Bank. Bálor cut to a video package of Dominik Mysterio winning the NXT North American title last week.

Dom entered. Corey Graves said Dom was the first person in history to main event Raw, NXT and Smackdown in the same week. Dom put over his win while the Tampa crowd loudly booed. Dom cut to another video package and this one was all about him. The crowd chanted “You suck.”

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn interrupted. Owens noted that this happened last week — Judgment Day entered and Dom spoke but nobody wanted to hear it. Owens hated people who couldn’t learn a lesson. Owens informed Dom that nobody wanted to hear him talk ever and the best thing for him was to stop talking for good.

Dom said he was a champion now and was being disrespected. Zayn said Dom was right — he was being disrespected because nobody respected him. Zayn challenged Dom to a singles match tonight. Dom had no problem with this until Zayn told him to put his title on the line. Before Dom could respond, Ripley accepted on his behalf.


Becky Lynch defeated Zoey Stark (w/Trish Stratus) (9:48)

Stark took control ahead of a break but Lynch was on offence after the break, chucking Stark repeatedly into the barricade (which is becoming a regular spot for her) and hitting a diving leg drop for two.

Stratus headbutted Lynch (using her face mask) as the referee checked on Stark. Stark followed with a roundhouse kick for a nearfall. Lynch blocked Stark’s finisher and hit an exploder suplex. Lynch hit a superplex and floated over into an armbar but Stark hoisted her up into a powerbomb for two. They traded counters and cradles until Lynch applied a Disarmer.

Stratus chucked her mask in the ring so the ref tossed it out as Lynch knocked her off the apron. Stark tried to use the distraction with a springboard move but Lynch caught her with a Man-handle Slam for the pinfall win. (Stark got to show off a bit here and the crowd was into Lynch.)

Lynch gets her match against Stratus.


Vo Williams, whose song "Greatness" is the Raw theme, was shown in the front row.

Cody Rhodes promo

This was a rare in-ring Rhodes segment that wasn’t at the top of the hour.

Rhodes said we’ve all seen the clip of Brock Lesnar beating him up with a chair and doing it in front of his mother. Rhodes wasn’t surprised. Lesnar won the UFC Heavyweight Championship before having five fights, wound up on an NFL roster without ever playing football, and has been called “Mr. SummerSlam.”

Rhodes wasn’t surprised by Lesnar and was even impressed. But his mother was not impressed. She was the same lady who saw Terry Funk throw fireballs in his dad’s face and the same lady who would drink with Gordon Solie at the Columbia in nearby Ybor City.

Rhodes’ mother knew what he would tell Lesnar and that was that Lesnar made a mistake. The mistake was that Lesnar left him breathing.

Rhodes wasn’t going to SummerSlam just to win the rubber match, he wanted to embarrass Lesnar. Rhodes knew people would freak out at him poking the bear but he wasn’t doing that — he was slapping it across the face and telling it to come get it.

Rhodes said beating Lesnar at SummerSlam wasn’t just about the positives it would mean to his career or getting revenge for his broken arm. It was what Lesnar deserved.

“At SummerSlam, Brock, I end this.”


Jackie Redmond interviewed Ricochet, who appeared to be awaiting Logan Paul’s arrival. Ricochet was thrilled that Paul accepted his invitation but was confused that Paul thought he could show up late just because he was a YouTube star. Ricochet did have a lot to say about Paul but would do so to his face.

Dominik Mysterio (w/Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley) defeated Tag Team Champion Sami Zayn (w/Tag Champion Kevin Owens) to retain the NXT North American Championship (12:00)

They went to break a minute in after Zayn hit a flip dive.


Ripley gave Zayn a cheap shot during the break but it didn’t matter because Zayn was on offence after the break. Ripley distracted the ref as Priest shoved Zayn off the top so Owens went after Priest. The ref initially only tossed Owens from ringside but tossed Priest and Ripley moments later after he saw them bragging.

Zayn hit a Michinoku Driver for a nearfall. Dom set up for a 619 but Zayn dropped him with a clothesline for two. Zayn tried something off the top but Dom caught him with a dropkick for two. Dom countered a Blue Thunder Bomb into a hurricanrana but Zayn avoided the 619 again and hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for two. (Dom didn’t exactly go up easily for the move.)

Dom dropkicked Zayn and finally did hit the 619 for two. Dom followed with the three amigos suplexes but Zayn got his knees up on a frog splash. Zayn hit an exploder into the corner and set up for the Helluva Kick.

However, Zayn became distracted upon seeing Owens getting attacked by Priest and Ripley on the stage so Dom put him in a schoolboy for the pinfall win.

— Zayn sprinted up the ramp after Judgment Day but they bailed to the back. Zayn and officials checked on Owens as Dom left through the crowd.


They plugged Gable Steveson’s “The Decision” segment on tomorrow’s NXT. (LeBron James’ “The Decision” broadcast was 13 years ago this month.)

Medical staff checked on Owens backstage as he sold an injury. He thought something was broken.

There was a Roman Reigns/Jey Uso video package. (There was a commercial plugging this match earlier, too.)


Ricochet approached Shinsuke Nakamura in the back and asked if he’d seen Paul. Nakamura said no, so Ricochet asked him to keep an eye out.

Tommaso Ciampa approached Nakamura and said his loss last week was on him and he would let it slide that Nakamura kicked him in the face. Ciampa said he was about to settle things with Bronson Reed and didn’t expect to see Nakamura out there, but if he did, then they had a problem.


In the back, Dom bragged about putting a whooping on Zayn. Apollo Crews and Akira Tozawa were nearby so Dom told Crews to show him some respect. Ripley asked if they had a problem. Tozawa said, “Nope” and walked away. Crews was tired of Judgment Day and dared them to try something with him. Priest challenged him to a match tonight. Tozawa reappeared to wish Crews luck.


Bronson Reed defeated Tommaso Ciampa (12:46)

Ciampa held a sleeper hold but Reed fell backwards onto him. Reed followed with a running body block and elbow drop. Reed tried a charge off the apron but Ciampa caught him with a knee strike.

Reed was back in control after a break until Ciampa hit a reverse DDT. They traded offence for a bit until Ciampa no-sold a clothesline by popping to his feet and getting in Reed’s face. Ciampa got Reed on his shoulders and hit an air raid crash (which got the biggest reaction of the match) for two.

Nakamura sauntered out so Ciampa left the ring to… just stare at him. Reed flew off the apron to knock down Ciampa and he followed with a Tsunami back in the ring for the pinfall win.

As Graves noted on commentary, the loss was Ciampa’s own fault.


Byron Saxton interviewed Liv Morgan. Morgan confirmed Raquel Rodriguez was hurt but she was tough and would be back to take care of Ripley. Tonight, however, Ripley was all Morgan’s. Morgan blamed their title loss on Ripley. She was tired of Ripley and reminded us that she was the last person to beat her. Morgan said, “Maybe I’ll get beat up but maybe I won’t.” Morgan said she wasn’t backing down and left after saying, “Watch me.”

Sonya Deville and Chelsea Green confronted Saxton about interviewing Morgan instead of them. They also started mocking Ripley until Ripley showed up and they started playing nice. They left.

Ripley told Saxton that she warned Rodriguez and Morgan to stay out of their way but they didn’t listen so she took out Rodriguez and Morgan would be next.


Non-title match: Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley vs. Liv Morgan

The match didn’t happen. Ripley attacked Morgan during her entrance, drove her shoulder-first onto the barricade, and Pilmanized her shoulder with a steel chair.

A medical staff member checked on Morgan as a ref backed off Ripley. Ripley told them to move out of the way and she Pilmanized Morgan’s shoulder again. (Ripley did the “suck it” thing before leaving the ring.) Ripley told Morgan to stay out of her business.

— After a break, Morgan was crying in the back as a medic checked on her shoulder.



There was an Alpha Academy promo in the back. Chad Gable angrily congratulated Viking Raiders on their win last week but said nobody even knew what Viking Rules was. Gable wanted an Academy rules match and threatened to put their heads through a chalkboard.

Maxxine Dupri took over for Gable. She said she’s been getting the better of Valhalla every week and wasn’t going to drop off just because Valhalla got one over on her last week. Dupri challenged her to a singles match next week which would be the first of her career. Otis said, “Oh yeah!” (So Gable’s Academy Rules match is not happening.)


Ricochet / Logan Paul segment 

Ricochet entered. He spoke about how nobody thought Paul belonged there. He did credit Paul’s ability and training, but said Paul was a prick. Ricochet said “we” dedicate their lives to this and spend time away from their families and Paul couldn’t understand that. Ricochet challenged Paul to a match at SummerSlam.

Paul suddenly appeared and decked Ricochet from behind. Paul took a selfie video while accepting Ricochet’s challenge. Paul pointed out a fan and told him, “You need to get laid you stupid virgin.”

Ricochet popped up and superkicked Paul before hitting a standing shooting star. Paul slowly got to his feet as Ricochet stared him down from the ramp.


Redmond interviewed Shayna Baszler. Baszler was sick of hearing Ronda Rousey’s name included in everything that she does. Talking hasn’t settled this and a match wouldn’t settle it, either. At SummerSlam, Baszler wanted a fight.


Saxton approached Paul in the back. Paul called Ricochet’s actions unprofessional as hell and said he felt victimized. Paul said he would be on Raw in Houston next week and would pop Ricochet’s stupid bald head (before telling Saxton, “No offence”).


Damian Priest defeated Apollo Crews (3:12)

Crews got some offence but Priest won fairly decisively with a South of Heaven chokeslam.


Redmond interviewed Lynch in the back. Lynch was pumped about getting her rematch against Stratus and said, “It ain’t over ‘til I win.”


There was a Viking Raiders promo. Valhalla accepted Dupri’s “foolish” challenge.

Gunther / Drew McIntyre segment 

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