Woman Shot In Joliet Bar Files Negligence Lawsuit

JOLIET, IL — Ten months after Joliet Patch broke the news, revealing that a woman was shot in the shoulder inside Joliet’s Terrace Inn Lounge on Gardner Street, the gunshot victim has filed a civil lawsuit against the Terrace Inn.

According to Jillian Nussbaum’s lawsuit, on May 29, 2023, the Terrace Inn sold or gave liquor to John Foster, an allegedly intoxicated person at the defendant’s premises, 630 Gardner Street in Joliet. The alcoholic beverages consumed by Foster caused his intoxication, according to the plaintiff.

As for Nussbaum, she was inside the Terrance Inn Lounge when Foster provoked an argument and fight with other people in the bar, and Foster fired a gun while inside the establishment, her lawsuit outlined.

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Nussbaum was struck by Foster’s bullets and “as a direct and proximate result of the intoxication of John Foster, an allegedly intoxicated person, Jillian Nussbaum was caused to be injured when … John Foster … shot the plaintiff,” the lawsuit outlined.

The lawsuit accuses the Terrace Inn Lounge of negligence and of being liable under the Illinois Dram Shop Act.

Find out what's happening in Jolietwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The lawsuit also accused Terrance Inn Lounge of having failed to employ bouncers or security at its entrances, having failed to properly supervise its employees in the performance of their bouncer or security duties, failing to properly search John Foster, failing to provide a safe environment for its patrons including Nussbaum and failing to impede, restrain or arrest Foster, the man who shot Nussbaum.

This week’s lawsuit at Will County’s Courthouse was filed by attorney John Cichon of Polansky & Cichon, a Chicago law firm operating at the Two Prudential Plaza on North Stetson Avenue.

The personal injury lawsuit seeks a judgment in Nussbaum’s favor in excess of $50,000.

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As for Foster, he has remained inside the Will County Jail for the past 10 months. His next pretrial hearing in Courtroom 503 is set for April 4.

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