Westport Police K-9 Unit Nears Fundraising Goal

WESTPORT, CT — Launched earlier this month, the GoFundMe campaign to benefit the Westport Police Department’s K-9 Unit is nearing its goal, in an effort to provide new equipment and training for the four-dog program.

As of Thursday, the initiative had raised nearly $40,000 toward a goal of $58,000, for which Westport Police Corporal Jim Loomer is thankful.

“We want to be able to continue to run this program the way it should be run,” Loomer told Patch, adding that Westport’s K-9 Unit assists police departments from Greenwich to New Haven.

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The Westport unit has four dogs, Atlas, a German Shepherd, handled by Corporal David Scinto; Brutte, a Belgian Malinois, and Ambo, a yellow Labrador, handled by Loomer; and Onyx, a Dutch Shepherd and Belgian Malinois mix, handled by Corporal Kevin Smith.

Atlas, who is retiring at the end of the year, Brutte and Onyx are patrol dogs, while Ambo specializes in explosives detection.

Find out what's happening in Westportwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The dogs are used by Westport and other departments for tracking of suspects, drug and explosive detection, searches for missing persons, and even community events.

“Everybody loves the dogs,” Loomer said. “They offer a great connection with the public.”

Scinto told Patch that working with a K-9 officer is special. Atlas and Scinto received recognition from the state in 2021 for their work in capturing an armed robbery suspect in Bridgeport.

“The bond you create over time with the dog is great,” he said. “They’re the best friend you get to work with.”

Atlas, who is 9 and a half, began working for the department at 17 months old, Scinto said, so his retirement will be a little foreign to him. Upon retirement, Westport’s police dogs go to live with their handlers.

“It’ll be a little different for him at first, but he’ll get used to the couch,” Scinto said with a chuckle.

The dogs assist other departments every week, depending on which K-9 is on duty at the time, according to Loomer, who said some departments in Fairfield and New Haven Counties do not have K-9 units.

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“It’s a very nice luxury to have such great tools, these dogs, at our disposal,” Loomer said.

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