'Traumatizing': Family Fundraises For Farmingdale Woman Struck By Car

FARMINGDALE, NY — The family of a woman who was struck and dragged a quarter-mile in a Farmingdale crash is asking for help.

Stephen Caruso created a GoFundMe after his mother and son were run over on Main and Fulton streets on Dec. 29. More than $10K has been raised as of Tuesday afternoon.

People can support the family’s fundraiser here.

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MaryAnn Caruso, 69, and her grandson, 12, were walking south on Fulton Street, in the crosswalk, when they were struck by a 2009 Honda SUV driven by an 80-year-old woman, Nassau police said. The driver was making a right-hand turn heading westbound onto Fulton Street when she struck and ran over the boy and then struck and dragged the woman, police said.

“Both my mother and son suffered terrible injuries,” Caruso wrote on GoFundMe.

Find out what's happening in Farmingdalewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Caruso said the community’s generosity has been “overwhelming” for his family.

“It’s difficult to put into words how grateful we are at the support from the community,” Caruso told Patch. “We always knew Farmingdale pulls together to support one another, and it touches our hearts at the tremendous support and love that came from this community.”

Caruso said his son is recovering and could get back to sports soon.

MaryAnn had at least seven surgeries. On Tuesday, she got clearance that she would be able to go home soon. A nurse will visit the house twice a day for wound care, Caruso said.

Caruso described his mother’s injuries.

Warning: The description is graphic.

“My mother’s back of her head was completely ripped open and her skull was exposed; she had to have major skin grafting on her head as well as her whole back, legs and foot from being dragged and burned from road rash,” Caruso wrote. “It has been a horrible and traumatizing 65 days for my family and I.”

MaryAnn is in rehab and is slowly getting better, but she will never be the same physically or mentally, Caruso said.

“My family and I are asking for help with any kind of donations to help cover whatever expenses she will accumulate and has been the last few months. My mother is turning 70 in August and both my brothers and I would love to see her smile again and get back to some normalcy. She’s been very strong and appreciates the fact that she’s still alive after that horrible accident. It has not been easy for her and she still cannot talk about it without crying. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening and for all, your well wishes and support.”

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