The Bollywood Boyz Talk Challenges With WWE 205 Live, Their WWE Departure

For WrestlingNews.co, Steve Fall interviewed The Bollywood Boyz (Gurvinder “Gurv” Sihra and Harvinder “Harv” Sihra) where they spoke about a wide range of topics. 

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On 205 Live:

Samir Singh said, “I think the hardest thing was the placement. It came on after SmackDown. I know the company was really behind 205 Live and all the boys on 205 worked hard every night. Guys like Ali and Murphy were having some amazing matches, but when you go on after Roman and Seth and Randy, it’s hard. You’re still establishing yourselves. Nobody was on cable TV. We were all on the Network and then you come on after SmackDown, it’s a hard challenge, but again, everybody busted their ass.”

On being released by WWE:

Sunil Singh said, “Just before we got released, our confidence was sky high as far as learning from such great minds like Road Dogg, Shawn, Regal, and Hunter. We are taking what we learned and now we’re bringing it onto the independent circuit and applying it. Now when we get an opportunity to go do a Dark, or do a Rampage, you’re just applying what you learned and just go out and do the eight minutes you get on TV and just go do your best.”

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