Nintendo: Metroid Prime 4 Is ‘Well in Development’

Nearly a year and a half since Metroid Prime 4’s E3 2017 announcement, Nintendo still isn’t ready to show the game off or announce a release window.

But Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime says fans shouldn’t take that as any cause for concern over its development, echoing what he told IGN about Metroid Prime 4 at E3 2018.

“Internally, we have expectations about when [Metroid Prime 4] is going to be released,” Fils-Aime told Mashable in a new interview. “We haven’t announced it, but yeah, the game is well in development.”

If the release window is still so far out following its announcement, many fans have wondered why Nintendo revealed the sequel so early. Fils-Aime admitted this was an exception to the company’s general rule of announcing games closer to their release date, but Metroid Prime 4 isn’t exactly the only exception to that rule.

“Typically six months to maybe a year out is what we like to do, but there are times for strategic reasons that we believe it’s important to message that a game is coming,” he said. “We did that years and years ago with Zelda. We were messaging a new Zelda experience back during the days of the Wii U… It really depends on the game, it depends on the type of development that it’s going through, and it depends on how we feel the consumer is going to respond to the particular message.”

Fils-Aime also said there’s little incentive for Nintendo to announce a release date now when it could take away attention from its holiday 2018 releases, like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

\r\n\r\nWritten by IGN Staff”,”height”:720,”width”:1280,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/26\/switchgames-yt-1540512548017.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/26\/switchgames-yt-1540512548017_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:”01″,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”25. Blossom Tales\r\n\r\nBlossom Tales feels right at home on the Nintendo Switch. The game has no shame in how much it actually borrows from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and that\u2019s in no way bad thing. It may be a short game, but the moment to moment gameplay brings a ton of nostalgia and satisfies the craving to play something so familiar yet adds new challenges along the way.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Brian Malkiewicz”,”height”:540,”width”:960,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/26168333-1783393851672967-8175767586532811328-n-noscale-1533584962785.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/26168333-1783393851672967-8175767586532811328-n-noscale-1533584962785_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:”02″,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”24. Kirby Star Allies\r\n\r\nKirby Star Allies proves that some adventures are much more fun with friends. Even if those friends are AI, Star Allies still brings frantic four-player fun that\u0027s continually a blast, thanks to countless ally combinations and a wonderful charm. Its scenic settings, crazy, over-the-top final boss battle, and catchy soundtrack make it a perfect package that only gets better when using stylish team attacks to destroy everything in your path.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Brendan Graeber”,”height”:560,”width”:999,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/kirby-999×560-1533584962805.png”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/kirby-999×560-1533584962805_{size}.png”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:”03″,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”23. Super Mario Party\r\n\r\nSuper Mario Party is the best Party in two console generations. It\u2019s done away with some, but not all, of the slowness, you get to play a ton of great minigames with the cool, but not perfect Switch controllers, and that infuriating randomness of awarded stars at the end of a game is \u2026 still a problem. But even those painful upsets feel like less of a party killer this time, because Super Mario Party, especially in the team-based Partner Party mode, is competitive, strategic, and, above all, a lot of fun.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Sam Claiborn”,”height”:675,”width”:1200,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/j7dtyxh6eajyx-ncxsucmvgzkcw-4ck6-1540511337221.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/j7dtyxh6eajyx-ncxsucmvgzkcw-4ck6-1540511337221_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:”04″,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”22. Puyo Puyo Tetris\r\n\r\nA perfect marriage of two excellent and timeless puzzle games, Puyo Puyo Tetris is a feature-packed collection worthy of being installed on every Switch. Whether popping in for a quick game of Tetris, battling it out in split-screen multiplayer, flexing your skills online, or puzzling your way through story mode, Puyo Puyo Tetris will keep you coming back for years. Back in 1989, no GameBoy was complete without Tetris and that same sentiment stands today with Nintendo\u2019s modern handheld.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Peer Schneider”,”height”:600,”width”:1067,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/puyo-puyo-tetris-pic-1-1533584962809.png”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/puyo-puyo-tetris-pic-1-1533584962809_{size}.png”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:”05″,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”21. Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker\r\n\r\nSome folks say that there are too many Wii U ports coming to Switch. Those people have obviously never played Captain Toad\u0027s Treasure Tracker. This phenomenal spin off is charming, challenging, and downright cute on any platform, and time. I mean, look at his little vest!\r\n\r\n\u2013 Zachary Ryan”,”height”:720,”width”:1280,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/captaintoadtreasuretracker-1540511337214.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/captaintoadtreasuretracker-1540511337214_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:”06″,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”20. Minecraft\r\n\r\nMinecraft is without a doubt one of the most accessible exploration and adventure games there is, still feeling fresh even years after its initial launch. It puts creativity above all else, and has an insanely deep set of tools to enable that. Its Switch version is particularly exciting in that it can be played cross-platform with PC, mobile, and even Xbox One players, making it the best way to play it on the go.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Tom Marks”,”height”:800,”width”:1600,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/h2x1-nswitch-minecraft-image1600w-1540511652375.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/h2x1-nswitch-minecraft-image1600w-1540511652375_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:”07″,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”19. Overcooked 2\r\n\r\nOvercooked 2 takes the simple premise of preparing a meal with a friend or loved one and flips it on its head by dialing the insanity up to ten and forcing you to work together in chaotic kitchens that might just tear your relationship apart. You\u2019ll battle kitchen fires, conveyor belts, and even wild animals in a frantic race to cook together across a variety of dynamic stages.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Brian Altano”,”height”:844,”width”:1500,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/91dcnx0jb8l-ac-sl1500–1540511337211.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/91dcnx0jb8l-ac-sl1500–1540511337211_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:”08″,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”18. Hollow Knight\r\n\r\nHollow Knight can be incredibly demanding, but you get way more back than what you put into it. The expertly crafted Metroidvania map that is the kingdom of Hallownest has an absurd amount of paths to explore, bosses to fight, and secrets to uncover. That\u0027s all drawn in a somber but expressive art style that gives the adorable bug people who live their lives, and stories, of their own.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Tom Marks\r\n”,”height”:1080,”width”:1920,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/hollowknight-1540511337210.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/hollowknight-1540511337210_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:”09″,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”17. Night in the Woods\r\n\r\nNight in the Woods is a master class in interactive writing. Every character has depth, their struggles and shortcomings feel familiar and painfully real, and the interactions between them are especially impressive and varied considering it\u0027s all delivered via text-based dialogue. Coupled with a bold, striking art style and a somber look at the state of the world today, Night in the Woods is a must-play on Switch.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Cassidee Moser”,”height”:686,”width”:1280,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/nitw-twitter-card-1533584962794.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/nitw-twitter-card-1533584962794_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:10,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”16. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove\r\n\r\nShovel Knight is easily one of the best platformers of the last decade. For four years and counting, Yacht Club has put so much care into making every pixel of Shovel Knight into a perfect tribute to classic games, and every new expansion manages to bring new and exciting mechanics that keep things interesting. With Treasure Trove, you get not only the original game and the expansions released so far, but also everything that will come out in the future. On top of Switch\u2019s portability, what more could you ask for?\r\n\r\n\u2013 Andrew Goldfarb”,”height”:540,”width”:960,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/co2zssf2iesswgrij3f1s6ayypav8n7l-1060838-1533584962816.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/co2zssf2iesswgrij3f1s6ayypav8n7l-1060838-1533584962816_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:11,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”15. Into the Breach\r\n\r\nInto the Breach distills turn-based strategy games down their purest essence. Its bite-sized fights are like little puzzles, but your tools to solve them are the strategies you figure out along the way. It\u0027s FTL roots bring amazing replayability to the table, and there are enough different combinations of enemies, allies, and upgrades to keep it fresh for a long time to come.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Tom Marks”,”height”:720,”width”:1280,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/ss-3a670d203ac5c1ab538099e014978565740eb406-1540511337208.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/ss-3a670d203ac5c1ab538099e014978565740eb406-1540511337208_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:12,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”14. Octopath Traveler\r\n\r\nSquare Enix\u0027s Octopath Traveler doesn\u0027t try to reinvent the wheel on classic JRPG titles, instead fine tuning the genre\u0027s winning elements to create a fun, beautiful and often challenging title that hits all the right nostaglic notes. Octopath\u0027s strength is its deep and dynamic combat system, and its unique way of layering together multiple stories even if they never quite come together the way you\u0027d think. More than just a tribute to previous generations\u0027 best JRPGs, Octopath reinvigorates the genre and gives back as much as you put into it.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Terri Schwartz”,”height”:720,”width”:1280,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/octopathtraveler-1280-1531369170050-1280w-1540511652374.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/octopathtraveler-1280-1531369170050-1280w-1540511652374_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:13,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”13. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim\r\n\r\nWhen we first saw Skyrim running on a portable system, on a plane no less, none of us actually believed it could be done. \u0022You can\u0027t cram that many side quests onto a single cart!\u0022 we screamed, \u0022It\u0027s scientifically impossible!\u0022 Turns out, we were wrong. Skryim on Switch is every bit as sprawling, and epic as it is nearly anywhere else. Plus, you can cosplay as Link and Link is cool.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Zachary Ryan”,”height”:630,”width”:1200,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/skyrim-facebook-1533584962811.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/skyrim-facebook-1533584962811_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:14,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”12. Fortnite\r\n\r\nFortnite air drops one hundred players on to a giant, chaotic battlefield where you\u2019ll smack each other with cartoon hammers, drive golf carts, shoot rockets and build forts, of course. As the map shrinks, your survival chances grow until one player is the last one standing. It\u2019s addictive, incredibly fun, and totally free to play – until you decide to spend a bunch of V-Bucks on backpacks and goofy costumes, that is.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Brian Altano”,”height”:540,”width”:960,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/1525290294-fortnite-2-1540511337202.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/1525290294-fortnite-2-1540511337202_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:15,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”11. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate\r\n\r\nThe Nintendo Switch makes it possible to get the best of both *worlds* with Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. You can play using a comfortable pro-controller, but you can also slay its more than 100 monsters in person with friends. On top of the ridiculous amount of content packed in, you can also play as an adorable cat and pet alpacas.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Casey DeFreitas”,”height”:720,”width”:1280,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/monsterhunter-1540511652377.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/monsterhunter-1540511652377_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:16,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”10. Xenoblade Chronicles 2\r\n\r\nXenoblade Chronicles 2 is a standout RPG that manages to keep its story, combat, and exploration interesting over the course of at least 70 hours of adventure through an impressively varied and rich world. Simply put, this is an excellent game full of tough, memorable battles, and a positive message.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Leif Johnson”,”height”:540,”width”:960,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/hjncvljlhn6usr590qpk7bj5cd4irugp-1533584962819.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/hjncvljlhn6usr590qpk7bj5cd4irugp-1533584962819_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:17,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”9. Stardew Valley\r\n\r\nBorn out of Harvest Moon, it makes perfect sense that Stardew Valley fits right at home on the Switch. The farming life sim is wonderfully open ended, letting you forge your own country path with fishing, fighting, farming, and falling in love. Additionally, being able to take advantage of the Switch\u2019s sleep mode helps take some of the pressure off of not being able to save in the middle of a day, even if a few other bugs in the port are still waiting to be squashed here.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Tom Marks”,”height”:1080,”width”:1920,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/2-1533584962800.png”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/2-1533584962800_{size}.png”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:18,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”8. Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle\r\n\r\nMario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle faced no shortage of skepticism before its launch. (Mario has a gun? And he\u2019s hanging out with the Rabbids?) But UBisoft Milan\u2019s robust strategy game proved itself with some truly challenging levels and accessible but complex turn-based gameplay, while also finding a way of marrying the Rabbids and Mushroom Kingdom\u2019s senses of humor into one, charming experience.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Jonathon Dornbush”,”height”:675,”width”:1200,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/mario-rabbids-kingdom-battle-1533584962807.jpg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/08\/06\/mario-rabbids-kingdom-battle-1533584962807_{size}.jpg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:19,”albumTotalCount”:26},{“caption”:”7. Dead Cells\r\n\r\nDead Cells fuses breakneck motion with an emphasis on risk-and-reward for an incredibly engaging action-platformer. It\u2019s rewarding in its flexibility in a way few games are. Each easily digestible run through its beautifully detailed and shifting levels goads you to push the limits of your ability, and crushes you when you get too comfortable. There are layers of strategy and tactics buried not only in the immediate choices you make, but in the grander metagame, making it one of the very best action platformers you can on your Switch.\r\n\r\n\u2013 Brandin Tyrrel”,”height”:1080,”width”:1920,”url”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/image-1540511652371.jpeg”,”styleUrl”:”https:\/\/assets1.ignimgs.com\/2018\/10\/25\/image-1540511652371_{size}.jpeg”,”credit”:””,”objectRelationName”:””,”objectRelationUrl”:””,”albumName”:”IGN\u0027s Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games”,”relativePosition”:20,”albumTotalCount”:26}]’

“We do think deeply about the sequencing of our games, but having said that, Nintendo is well-known that if a game isn’t ready, we will push out the development in order to make sure that it is as strong as possible when the game launches,” Fils-Aime said. “During my tenure with Nintendo, we’ve pushed back development a number of times on key games — in the end it’s always worth it. Because our focus on quality is so strong.”

Fils-Aime’s comments are the closest things to Metroid Prime 4 news since E3 in June, where Nintendo of America Senior Product Manager Bill Trinen detailed why the Metroid sequel wasn’t on display at the show.

Nick Santangelo is a freelance writer based in Philadelphia. He can’t believe the wait from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption to Metroid Prime 4 has now been three years longer than the wait between Super Metroid and Metroid Prime. Follow him on Twitter.

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