Men In Ski Masks In Car On Centre Avenue, Chestnut Street Monday Night

SECAUCUS, NJ — A lot happened Monday night in town, Secaucus Police announced on their Facebook page:

When the officer approached to investigate, the car accelerated at a high rate of speed and fled from the officer. The officer attempted to stop the car, which then began to travel at an extremely high rate of speed on Rt. 3 West, to which the officer did not pursue due to the adherence of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Guidelines of Pursuit Policy.

Approximately 10 minutes later, it was learned that this car was involved in a theft of an entire ATM from a gas station in Hasbrouck Heights.

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The car was never located.

The officer tried to stop this car as it drove in the direction of the officer’s vehicle, swerved around him and proceeded at a high rate of speed onto County Avenue. On County, the vehicle was observed to operate in a reckless manner across the double yellow lines around other vehicles.

Find out what's happening in Secaucuswith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Pursuant again to the guidelines for police pursuit, the officer followed from a safe distance as to not engage and observed the car flee onto the NJ Turnpike South at a high rate of speed.

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Anyone with any information regarding the above incidents is encouraged to contact the Secaucus Police Department nonemergency line at 201-330-2060, the SPD Tips Line at (201) 330-2049 or SPDTips@secaucusnjpolice.gov. Callers can remain anonymous!

Secaucus Police Dept. said in a statement:

“It should also be noted that this past weekend, Newark Police Department had an arrest of three adults and five juveniles that were involved in numerous armed robberies and stolen vehicles. Without divulging sensitive investigative procedures, it was learned that some of these individuals were within the confines of our jurisdiction (Secaucus) on more than one occasion. The three incidents (Monday) night were reportable due to all of the assigned officers’ proactivity.”

“The uptick of statewide stolen vehicles has been apparent in recent days. This also includes stolen cars entering towns to commit home invasions, robberies, thefts, etc. The correlation between stolen vehicles and additional crimes are extremely probable. The Secaucus Police Department has made a proactive approach in dealing with these statistics through data and analysis. Patrol Division Commander Captain Austin Hawxhurst has devised a plan for manpower reassignment and personnel deployment according to intelligence-led policing and studies of these statewide events.”

“We would be remiss to not mention that a major role in prevention is you! Please contact us if you observe anything that doesn’t seem right, so that our officers can investigate. The more sets of eyes, the more effective we can be!”

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