Kyuramen To Open 1st MA Location Soon. Diners Could Win Free Meal

MASSACHUSETTS — A quickly expanding ramen chain is poised to open its first Massachusetts location by the end of April. That opening could mean a free bowl of ramen for local diners.

Kyuramen, the fast-expanding ramen chain founded in New York City, has long been expected to open a location in Brookline. A representative from the company told Patch this week that the Beacon Street location is expected to open by the end of April or early May.

Though it won’t be open in time for National Ramen Day — April 4 — it will be open for the chain’s “New Bowl Lottery Game.”

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The activation is already underway at Kyuramen locations across the country, offering diners the chance to win a free bowl of ramen, popcorn chicken, dessert or a drink with each bowl purchased.

A red stamp at the bottom of each ramen bowl reveals a lottery prize, unless of course, the diner reads this: “ありがとう”

Find out what's happening in Brooklinewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Translation? Thank you, please try again.

Winners will leave Kyuramen with a gift card they can use during their next visit. “Losers” will leave with a full stomach. Win-win.

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“This game adds an unexpected twist to customers’ dining experience, making it fun and exciting,” said Kyuramen Found and CEO Gary Lin. “It represents our commitment to showing appreciation to our customers and continuously enriching their experience with us.”

Kyuramen was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Queens with locations either already opened or opening soon in 36 states across the country. A Brookline location has been in the works since November 2022.

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