John Cena speaks on current crop of top WWE stars


John Cena has turned 180 degrees on his opinion of WWE’s top stars.

In an interview with Alfred Konuwa at Forbes, Cena discussed the current landscape in WWE and admitted his previous statements on their star power were incorrect. For extensive quotes, check out Post Wrestling’s article HERE.

“Forbes did an article on me back in 2020 where I had said that I don’t believe that WWE will ever have a marquee star,” Cena said. “And here we are, less than a year later, and I can blatantly say I was wrong. You wanna talk about being too close to the product? I was just too close. Having seen it, having lived it myself, I should have just realized that the company is in transition. It takes a long time—I would say it’s three-and-a-half years or more—to build a certain talent because I’ve walked in those shoes.”

Ccna went on to highlight specific talents in the company that have recently thrived as faces of the WWE. “Now you have Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks can be in that conversation, but it’s not what I said it was in 2020,” he said. “It’s not a scattered fragment of Super Friends. WWE has just refocused, re-shifted and now is consolidating on marquee stars. They have their marquee stars, and going forward they will have their big names. As far as those names being larger than life, the enormity of their impact is up to the individuals themselves.”

John Cena’s most recent WWE match was at WrestleMania 36. He competed with and lost to The Fiend in a Firefly Funhouse match.

Special credit to Post Wrestling for the interview transcription.

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