GoFundMe Effort Underway For Concord Residents Displaced After Fire

CONCORD, NH — A GoFundMe.com effort is underway to assist a family displaced by a fire in the South End of Concord on Tuesday.

Concord fire and rescue teams were sent to 56 Chesley St. after a bathroom exhaust caught on fire and spread to other areas of the building. Brad Chacos, a local writer, and his family lived in the upstairs unit and lost many possessions in the blaze.

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The family has been displaced due to the fire — he noted his landlord had no vacancies elsewhere. The Red Cross assisted with a few hundred dollars to get them into a hotel, but it was only enough for a few nights.

Chacos launched a GoFundMe.com effort to raise money to offset the cost of rebuilding their lives.

Find out what's happening in Concordwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“All of us are effectively homeless,” he wrote. “While a bit of my family’s clothes and toys can be salvaged, virtually all of my possessions and furniture were destroyed. I’m a single dad. My neighbors are also currently barred from staying in their home.”

Thankfully, the family had renter’s insurance. But it will take many months for the claims to be settled. Credit cards are floating the family, he said.

As of Saturday, 168 donations have been made to the effort, breaking the original $10,000 goal. More than $18,000 has been raised, with a new goal of $20,000. Chacos said when the insurance money is settled, any excess donations will be given to the Red Cross to assist any other future fire victims.

To donate to the effort, visit the “Help Brad stay housed after catastrophic fire” link.

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