DC Universe Polls Fans Again: Should Robin Jason Todd Live or Die?

Directly mirroring a controversial poll from the 1988, DC Universe is asking fans if they want to see Jason Todd (aka Robin) live or die.

As reported by Nerdist, the original poll came from the A Death in the Family story arc that ran across four Batman comics by Jim Starlin and Jim Aparo. The poll was included in Batman #427, which saw Jason Todd (who was generally less liked than his predecessor Dick Grayson) expelled by Batman for being too rash and impulsive, culminating in Joker beating Todd before setting a time bomb. The poll was included in the comic in the form of two 1-900 numbers: fans could call one to see Todd killed, another would save his life.

Per Comicbook.com, the original poll was only open for 36 hours, and cost 50 cents per call. Over 10,000 votes were made to decide Todd’s fate, and fans chose his death – in the next issue, Batman was too late to save his young ward. Now, the same poll is being conducted on DC Universe (though it appears only members can access it): tens of thousands of votes have been cast, and as of the time of writing, the choice to keep Todd alive is heavily favored.

This time, it appears the poll isn’t actually tied to the fate of any current Robin, rather it’s a fun exercise to see how modern voters would decide. The alternate ending where Todd survived was released in the DC Comics Classics Library Batman: A Death in the Family collection. This unused final page showed Batman saving the barely-alive Todd from the wreckage of a building.

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