Britt Baker Reveals The Match Stipulation She Wants To Have In Her Career

Britt Baker made an appearance on Not Just Football With Cam Heyward to discuss a wide range of topics. 


During the interview, the former AEW Women’s Champion was asked about what match stipulation she would like to do. Baker noted a ladder match despite having a fear of heights. 

“I will say, I’ve never had a straight up ladder match,” Baker said. “I’ve been thrown onto ladders, but I’ve never had to climb the ladder and get the briefcase or the chip or the ring or whatever you’re trying to get. That is terrifying to me, because I’m afraid of heights, but I feel like … I have to have a ladder match before I retire, right?”

“If someone throws me off something high or pushes me, that’s fine,” Baker said. “But like, me actually having to be the one to do the work, that really is terrifying to me. And you’re thinking about everything, ‘don’t fall, don’t lean back, don’t do this.’ It’s a lot to think about.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc

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