AEW Dynamite moving to TBS in 2022, adds new show starting in August (w/ Heydorn’s Analysis)


AEW will be moving it’s flagship show, Dynamite, from TNT to TBS starting in January of 2022.

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According to a report by Deadline Hollywood, in addition to shifting channels, AEW will be adding a second weekly show to it’s lineup starting in August. The name of the show is AEW Rampage and it will air on Friday’s at 10pm EST on TNT. The first episode of Rampage will premiere on August 13, 2021. Rampage, along with Dynamite, will move to TBS in 2022.

The move to TBS won’t fully pull AEW content from TNT. As part of the deal announced today, in addition to the new show, AEW will run four annual specials that will air on TNT.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to help Tony Khan expand his wrestling fiefdom across our networks and bring more content to our fans that fits the thrill ride brand of TNT and good time of TBS,” said Sam Linsky, Associate General Manager, SVP, Programming and Operations, TBS, TNT and truTV. “It’s Wednesday. You know what that means.”

Heydorn’s Analysis: Massive news. Pivoting to TBS to TNT is important, but certainly fans and potential fans will find Dynamite without issue. Adding one hour content a week in the form of Rampage is significant. On one hand, it means Tony Khan and AEW are satisfying Turner. Obviously, that’s a good thing. On the other hand, writing and booking a second show will come with challenges. The AEW roster is stocked, but insuring that top acts don’t get overexposed will be a priority. The specials on TNT are intriguing. With only four PPV events each year, these specials will give both shows direction and something for storylines to build towards when PPV’s aren’t imminent on the calendar. They’ll certainly drive big ratings as well. Bottom line? Tony Khan and the leaders of AEW are happy campers today.

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