WWE Smackdown Rating: Highest rating of year, key metrics including year-ago and two-years-ago comparisons


The Tuesday night (2/19) edition of WWE Smackdown Live on USA Network drew a 1.63 rating, up from last week’s 1.54 rating. It’s the 2019 high point for the show and the highest rating since Nov. 13, likely driven by Elimination Chamber fallout in general and Kofi-mania in particular, although anticipation that Becky Lynch might make another appearance despite being under contract and the chance to see the four NXT wrestlers again might have contributed to drawing viewers and retaining viewers during the two hours.

The February average is up to 1.52 after a slow start with a 1.39 rating on Feb. 5 up against President Trump’s “State of the Union” address. The 2019 average is 1.51 so far, below the 1.75 average from one year ago through this week.

One year ago Smackdown drew a 1.72 rating; two years ago Smackdown drew a 1.96 rating.

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