WWE Raw Ratings Report (9/25): Rebound week for viewership and demo ratings, hourly totals, historical perspective


WWE Monday Night Raw last night on USA Network (9/25) drew an average of 1.465 million viewers, up from 1.331 and 1.353 million the prior two weeks up against NFL Monday Night Football.

Raw’s average viewership all summer before the NFL season started (June 5-Sept. 4) was 1.779 million viewers, so this week’s viewership is still down substantially, but not as much as the prior two weeks.

Up against the first three weeks of the NFL season last year averaged 1.659 million. This year it’s averaging 1.383 million, sharply down. Two years ago it averaged 1.724 million the first three weeks against the NFL.

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The 18-49 demo rating was 0.43, actually down from 0.44 last week but above 0.40 the week before. The summer average was 0.54.

One year ago this week, Raw drew a similar 0.45 rating. the first three weeks against NFL last year averaged 0.44. This year the same three weeks has averaged 0.42.

The overall cable rating last night was 0.98, down from 1.11 last year and 1.22 the year before.

The following are September cable rating averages for the last six years:

  • 2023: 0.98
  • 2022: 1.22
  • 2021: 1.28
  • 2020: 1.70
  • 2019: 1.81
  • 2018: 1.99
  • 2017: 1.93

A cable rating is the percentage of homes with cable watching a particular program. This year it was roughly half of 2017.

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