WWE Raw On-Site Report (7/3): Biggest crowd reactions, off-air happenings during commercials, non-Raw matches


JULY 3, 2023

(The following are notes from Chris T. who attended Raw in person on Monday and called into the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Post-show.)

-I went with a good friend and his two daughters, ages 8 and 12. The girls watch a lot of wrestling and this was their first show. Their favorite was Cody Rhodes.

-I am not the biggest fan of this version of Seth Rollins, but it is very addictive and fun to partake in the singing of his theme song. The fans were singing the song as they left the arena and walking into the rain.

-Fans were really into the Alpha Academy. They were a surprise hit, especially when Maxxinne got the hot-tag. I would say that was a top five kind of pop for the night.

-Lots of chants for L.A. Knight and “Yeah” shouts even though he wasn’t on the show.

-As for the Ronda Rousey-Shayna Baszler segment, even before either of them spoke, the crowd was booing Rousey. It’s a sad state of affairs for her. I was cheering her, but I felt like the only one. Given what Baszler said, it seemed like they were trying to get fans on her side against Rousey.

-Everybody was jacked about anything to do with The Bloodline that was on the big screen.

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-The low point in the show in terms of crowd enthusiasm was the Women’s Tag Team Gauntlet match. Too many tag teams to keep track of and fans didn’t even know who some of them were.

-After his ringside interview, Cody signed autographs for fans.

-We were sitting across from the hard camera and I’ve never noticed before that there is a clock that sits on the hard camera side with the hour, minute, and second that apparently helps the wrestlers (and referees) to know their cue to wrap up their match or promo.

-They kept everyone occupied during commercial breaks including showing fans flexing like Hulk Hogan, the DX cam, a plug for the Steve Austin TV show, and encouraging fans to show their signs. It was really nice compared to shows ten years ago where you’d just sit there during breaks.

-They also taped two matches for the Main Event TV show – Riddick Moss vs. Apollo Crews and Tozawa vs. J.D. McDonagh. Neither got big responses. Riddick was playing a heel role.

Top Pops: Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins

Most Boos: Dominik, Ronda Rousey, Trish Stratus & Zoey Stark

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