WWE considering a big change to how WWE television is presented, details on the variations that WWE is asking fans for feedback on


WWE is surveying fans regarding a consideration to add inset “picture in picture” images of images of fans watching WWE TV at home. One option is four fans on the left side of the screen with a wrestling match taking place in the background. There’s another with inset images of 16 fans surrounding the perimeter of the screen with a match in the middle.

The survey also asks whether fans would like to watch fans on screen react visually, or also hear their reactions, and whether they’d be on screen infrequently or frequently or always.

The survey also asks whether viewers would like to see regular fans, celebrities, wrestlers, WWE legends, or other famous athletes watching and reacting.

This is similar to what the NWA launched with their “NWA Circle Squared” series a few weeks ago.

(Keller’s Analysis: I like this idea. Even better, which would be less intrusive, would be putting the images of the fans not on the screen directly, but on the video towers that surround the ringside area now in the background. The noise from the fans could still be piped in, but the match would remain the primary focus and, as usual, fans would be in the background animating the backdrop. WWE could include 50 or more fans on the video towers around ringside reacting. It’s smart for WWE to consider technology options to liven up the empty-venue setting for matches.)

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