Where Can You Buy A Toronto Condo For Less Than $400K?

Buying property in Toronto seems like an impossible dream for many, but there are still areas of the city where you can find more affordable options.

The average price of a Toronto condo hit $602,804 this year, according to Zoocasa. With a 20 per cent down payment, a person would need a minimum income of $96,264.

That’s not unheard of if you have slightly more than the median income of $96,463 for households of two or more people. But if you’re a single person, or you and your household make less than that, your options may seem a lot more limited.

Data from Zoocasa shows there are still a number of neighbourhoods in Toronto where you can buy a condo for less than $400,000, at a much lower minimum income.

The infographic below ranks Toronto’s most affordable areas to buy a condo in, as well as the least affordable.

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