Want To Buy Splash Station From Joliet's Park District? You Can Now

JOLIET, IL — Splash Station, the giant money pit that sucked the Joliet Park District taxpayers dry over a period of many years, is now being put up for sale, the Joliet Park District announced Friday on Facebook.

The summer of 2018 marked the 17th and final year of operation for the Splash Station water park off Route 6 near Hollywood Casino.

In Friday’s announcement, the Joliet Park District said it is using Coldwell Banker with hopes of completing a property sale in 2024. The property along the Route 6 corridor mostly consists of industrial and distribution centers.

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Even the Joliet Hollywood Casino is leaving the area to build a new casino closer to the Interstate 55 and I-80 corridor. Construction for that casino is already underway now.

“When the demographics of Route 6 began to quickly change in a short time, Splash Station saw a drastic decline in attendance, resulting in vast revenue loss for several years in a row,” Joliet Park Board President Sue Gulas announced on Friday. “As a park district, it is our job to provide activities and settings for residents to ‘take time for fun,’ concentrate on their health and wellness or just enjoy what the Joliet Park District has to offer to the community … Not everything has to go generate huge revenue, but we could not sustain a significant yearly loss either. As a board, we collectively agreed to move on from the water park. With the sale of Splash Station, we can look at options to better serve and reinvest into the community.”

Find out what's happening in Jolietwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Splash Station opened in 2002.

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