Vasectomy Cakes Are A Ballsy New Parenting Trend

We mark every other milestone in the creation of a baby — from gender reveal parties to baby showers to push presents — so why not celebrate the end of the journey, too?

Vasectomy cakes are a hilarious new trend being embraced by parents who are ready to call it quits on the baby-making. A vasectomy, for those unaware, is a permanent form of birth control that’s nearly 100 per cent effective. Sounds great, right? Well, it also involves a minor surgical procedure to cut or block the vas deferens in the male scrotum, according to Planned Parenthood.

But that hasn’t stopped approximately 55,000 Canadian men from having the procedure done each year, Chatelaine reports. And now they’re marking the occasion with a little something sweet: a vasectomy cake to say, “Balls voyage,” if you will.

A cake shop in Nashville, Tenn. made headlines this week after posting a photo of a vasectomy cake that said “100% Juice. No Seeds. Happy Vasectomy!” online, and that was all the world needed to jump on this trend.

“We make cakes to celebrate any occasion!!” Signature Desserts said in the Instagram post.

Since posting the photo March 8, shop owners Nate and Jillian Clingman say they’ve received requests from across the country, Today reports.

“The funny thing is a lot of guys are saying, ‘I never got a cake for my vasectomy, I just got an ice pack!’ So we’ve connected with some of them to suggest having their wives do a post-vasectomy cake,” Nate told Today.

But the Clingmans are hardly the first.

The hashtag #vasectomycake offers a handful of delightful options on Instagram, and there’s even a Pinterest category for vasectomy cake — so you know it’s a legit food trend.

Ottawa mom Robin Braet, who has three children, got her husband a Dairy Queen vasectomy cake that said “Happy Snip Snip” for his procedure in January, but put the finishing details on it herself.

“The person who does the drawings was out, so I just had them write the words, and I drew the scissors when I got home,” Braet told HuffPost Canada.

“We like any excuse for an ice cream cake, and a vasectomy is once in a lifetime!”

Other families are taking vasectomy cakes to the next level and throwing entire vasectomy parties. Kennewick, WA. mom Kimberly Hemperly’s Facebook post about her “Balls Voyage” party for her husband went viral in 2017.

“We have an announcement to make! We are thrilled to say we will NOT be adding anymore tiny humans to our family! My husband is taking one for the team and to celebrate this momentous occasion I felt the need to throw him a little “Balls Voyage” party for his upcoming procedure. Because omg y’all nobody is more excited about this than me,” Hemperly wrote in the post.

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She marked the occasion with sausage-themed snacks, “swim team survivor” T-shirts for her children, and of course, a cake.

Need some vasectomy cake inspo of your own? Don’t get testy. See some of our favourites below.



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