Unmatched speaker lineup for NFCA Coaches Clinics

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — An unmatched speaker lineup is featured at the eight two-day regional NFCA Coaches Clinics being offered this December and January.

Earlier this year, the NFCA purchased the seven popular National Softball Coaches Clinics that had been run successfully by NFCA Hall of Famer Mary Nutter and Traci Mayberry for the past 30 years, combining them with the Association’s own coaches clinic it has run in the Louisville area since 2016. All together, the eight clinics are the newest opportunity for the NFCA to provide premier education to coaches in cities near them.

The Chicago Advanced clinic leads off the slate on Dec. 1-2, with the University of Notre Dame’s Kris Ganeff, Michigan State University’s Jacquie Joseph, the University of Alabama’s Patrick Murphy, the University of Illinois’ Tyra Perry and the University of Nebraska’s Lori Sippel presenting. 

All of the clinics will have a similar format, with content tailored to the expertise of the speakers at specific sites.

For more information or to sign up, visit NFCAevents.org.

Chicago Advanced (Dec. 1-2)

Kris Ganeff, University of Notre Dame; Jacquie Joseph, Michigan State University; Patrick Murphy, University of Alabama; Tyra Perry, University of Illinois; Lori Sippel, University of Nebraska.

Chicago (Jan. 5-6)

Larissa Anderson, Hofstra University; Cindy Bristow, Softball Excellence; Tripp MacKay, University of Texas; Lizzy Ristano, University of Notre Dame; Kirk Walker, UCLA.

Louisville (Jan. 5-6)

Kenny Gajewski, Oklahoma State University; Jenna Hall, Ohio State University; Heather Tarr, University of Washington; Tim Walton, University of Florida; Mike White, University of Oregon.

Charlotte Advanced (Jan. 12-13)

Mickey Dean, Auburn University; Caryl Drohan, Northwestern University; Deb Hartwig, Just Softball; Shonda Stanton, Indiana University; John Tschida, University of St. Thomas.

Portland (Jan. 12-13)

Jessica Allister, Stanford University; Bill Edwards, Hofstra University (retired); Matt Lisle, University of South Carolina; Melyssa Lombardi, University of Oklahoma; Michelle Venturella, Washington (Mo.) University.

Minneapolis (Jan. 19-20)

Emily Allard, NFCA; Boo De Oliveira, Purdue University; Kelly Inouye-Perez, UCLA; Beth Torina, LSU; George Wares, Central College.

Nashville (Jan. 19-20)

Lonni Alameda, Florida State University; Gayle Blevins, University of Iowa (retired); Jen McIntyre, UConn; Donna J. Papa, University of North Carolina; Karen Weekly, University of Tennessee.

Kansas City (Jan. 26-27)

Lonni Alameda, Florida State University; Melissa Gentile, Eastern Michigan University; Lauren Lappin, University of Missouri-St. Louis; Diane Miller, University of Nebraska; Beverly Smith, University of South Carolina.

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