Tony Khan addresses Ronda Rousey’s AEW/ROH status

Tony Khan answered questions regarding Ronda Rousey at the AEW Full Gear media scrum on Saturday. 

Rousey wrestled in an unadvertised match at the ROH taping from the KIA Forum on Friday night. She teamed with her longtime friend and training partner, Marina Shafir, in a match that will air on HonorClub at a later date. 

When asked about Rousey's status with his company, Khan said she's not signed but they would love to have her back anytime. 

"She's not signed but we had a great conversation. It came about, of course, there was some unfinished business, they had that match and I thought it would be great for our fans to settle it in the ring," Khan said. "At the Wrestling Revolver show, they had the tag match and to be honest, I had spoken to them and I thought it would be great to have a match and build some interest and then have the story come back to Ring of Honor where Athena is the Ring of Honor Women's World Champion, Billie Starkz is her minion, there is a lot of interest in that." 

"Ronda was happy to come here and she was great. The crowd was really excited to see her and it was a great match. We'd love to have her back sometime."

"She is a local, she lives nearby and that really helped make it possible so any time it's convenient, we'd love to have her back because she was tremendous. It was a great match and if people want to see it, check out ROH," Khan continued. 

Rousey's status was also addressed on today's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio by our own Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez. 

"With Ronda, it's a one-shot deal. Obviously, if Ronda wants to work more they will use her anytime. She was doing a favor to help Marina," Meltzer said.

However, Meltzer emphasized that while Rousey could work matches from time to time, she is likely not going to commit to a regular schedule. 

"There's a reason that Ronda wanted to finish. It's a family reason," Meltzer continued. "These shows that she's worked have all been in Los Angeles, they've all been to team with Marina. So, it's a night out for fun for her. It's not like she's on the road or anything like that."

"She didn't leave WWE to go to AEW. Stranger things have happened but certainly the idea when she left WWE was that she was done with wrestling and she's moving on to the next stage of her life."

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