The Royal Family Celebrate Canada On Commonwealth Day

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex spent Commonwealth Day in the best way possible: with a maple syrup-based dessert.

Specifically, Meghan, Harry and a group of young Canadians made “tire d’érable,” a Canadian treat and objectively one of the best foods in the world, which involves pouring hot maple syrup on snow, waiting for it to harden slightly, and then wrapping it around a popsicle stick. The snow sticks to it and melts and you have to eat it quickly, because it’s just a blob of warm and sweet and gooey and perfect maple syrup. Bliss.

Several outlets have called it “maple taffy,” which is understandable for American and British publications, but frankly unforgivable from Canadian ones. It’s called “tire” (not like the tires on your car, but pronounced the French way: tseeer) and it’s a staple of late winter/early spring “cabanes à sucre” culture in Quebec.

The delicious outing was part of the Commonwealth’s 70th anniversary, with the royals paying homage to the former British colonies that are now independent countries with links to the U.K. At Canada House, the Canadian High Commission in London, the couple met with young people from Canada, where Meghan lived for seven years while filming “Suits.” The Canadians who attended the event live all over Britain, and many are involved in fashion, the arts, business or academia, according to People.

Meghan wore a matching forest-green dress and jacket with black embellishments by British-Canadian designer Erdem, a favourite of hers. She also wore her trusty Aquazzura pumps, and her clutch was by Givenchy.

The outfit was gorgeous, as usual, but we think it’s fair to say that someone else stole the show, and that that person was a child in a Vancouver Canucks jersey. The royals continued their tradition of hanging out with extremely relatable children, this time with a boy who couldn’t be bothered to stand still for a photo while there was delicious maple candy so close by. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Following the Canada House event, the Duke and Duchess joined other members of the royal family for a Commonwealth celebration at Westminster Abbey. The Queen was there, as well as Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne, and of course the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Britain’s prime minister Theresa May attended the event, too.

Kate Middleton wore a beautiful bright red coat with two lines of buttons by Catherine Walker, a favourite designer of hers, with a matching fascinator. Eagle-eyed royal watchers pointed out that she’s had it for a few years now — she wore the same coat on a trip to New Zealand in 2014.

Meghan, meanwhile, changed into a printed Victoria Beckham dress, which she paired with a white coat and hat.

The two duchesses, who tabloids claim to have been “feuding” for months now, quite frankly looked pretty happy to be in one another’s company. They greeted one another with affection, and seemed to be having a spirited conversation. (Perhaps about tire d’érable?)

Also, not to hammer home the point too much, but is it possible they coordinated their outfits? They both seemed very on-theme, given that Harry and Meghan had been celebrating Canada just hours before.

Yes, we know there are other countries in the Commonwealth (52 to be exact), and yes, we know the royals don’t always wear clothes specifically to send a subliminal message, but this one feels like a definitive nod to our home and native land.

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