Stormtrooper: Man flies into Turkish tempest riding… an umbrella? (VIDEO)

Jaw-dropping footage of a man being literally blown away while trying to secure a giant patio umbrella during a storm in southern Turkey has gone viral on social media.

The man, identified as Sadık Kocadalli, attempted to prevent a rogue gust of wind from carrying the colossal canopy off but got far more than he bargained for.

Kocadalli stepped on the umbrella’s base in an effort to provide some ballast but such was mother nature’s wrath that the ferocious winds simply lifted him off the ground to the consternation of his friends.

“I’m fine actually. After I realized the umbrella was going to keep going up, I jumped off. I think I rose three or four meters,” the accidental Mary Poppins impersonator told reporters.

Another man, Mehmet Ali Bıcakci, was not so lucky, however, as he was knocked unconscious, suffering a broken foot and broken ribs in the process when the offending umbrella came crashing back down to Earth.

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