Silicon Valley’s endgame? RT’s Keiser Report looks at central banks, dead unicorns & zombie banks

In 2015, venture capitalist Bill Gurley predicted “dead unicorns,” referring to tech startups that have been valued by investors at more than one billion dollars, and that all these private valuations are “fake.”

Now he has reconsidered his view, “You have to adjust to the reality and play the game on the field.”

Max Keiser says that private companies that have a lot of VC (venture capital) funding are ready to go public this year with up to $60 billion in valuations while “there’s nothing to support in these companies.” Max says he does not understand why the central banks which were printing trillions and trillions of dollars to keep dead unicorns and zombie banks alive would stop doing that now.

Stacy Herbert explains “the last bear capitulated on these unicorns, these Silicon Valley VC-backed funds…”

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