Room 304: Suncoast Audio Presents Pass Laboratories

Suncoast Audio, a Sarasota-based dealership, was new to me, and boy, did it deliver: Four rooms, and each had serious buzz. Michael Bovaird, proprietor of Suncoast Audio and a cofounder of the Florida Audio Expo, put together rooms that played music that kept the room full, with knowledgeable support personnel (including Nordost’s Seth Snyder) to answer questions.

Room 304’s setup included the Esoteric K-05XD SACD/CD player/DAC ($12,000), the Pass Labs XP-17 phono stage ($4,500), the Pass Labs XP-22 dual-chassis line stage ($9,975), and the Pass Labs X260.8, 260Wpc Class AB monoblock amplifiers ($14,250/pair). Magico S3 mkIII loudspeakers ($45,500-$53,000) turned all that electricity into soundwaves and guided it toward the audience. Cables and power (including QKore) was by Nordost. Racks and stands were “Soto Voce” by Critical Mass.

Jennifer Warnes’ version of “Bird on A Wire” played with a broad stereo spread with atmospheric engagement. FKA Twigs’s “Cellophane” drew a vast soundstage. UK pianist Neil Cowley’s track was airy and detailed without being fussy. The system had air, resolution. and girth—a triple threat!

Unfortunately we don’t have video for this room, so instead we’ll include video from one of Suncoast’s other rooms, with the big MBL system. See below.

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