Room 1016, Fidelity Imports / The Listening Room

Steve Jain’s Fidelity Imports held fort in six rooms at FLAX, crisscrossing lines that included Perlisten, Primare, Michell, Unison Research, Diptyque, Opera, Soulnote, Gold Note, Q Acoustics, and more. Room 1016 was co-hosted by Chestertown, Maryland, dealership The Listening Room.

The fine sounds that emanated from this room originated with an Innuous Statement Server-Streamer ($25,000), which sent its data by USB to an Audia Flight FLS1 Preamplifier equipped with the optional DAC board ($7499). Amplification was courtesy of a FLS4 Stereo Amplifier ($9999), and transducing duties went to a pair of Perlisten S7t Limited Edition Speakers ($29,990/pair). All of this (except the speakers) sat on a NEO Rack and was hooked up with QED cables. Titan power cords provided fuel.

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