Rockstar Giving Out Additional In-Game Gifts to Red Dead Online Beta Players

Rockstar has promised additional in-game rewards of gold bars and cash to Red Dead Online players.

Red Dead Online’s latest title update sees beta players getting in-game thank you rewards from Rockstar for participating, including 15 gold bars and varying amounts of cash based on the edition players have purchased.

The rewards come in the wake of other in-game gifts offered to Red Dead Online beta players earlier this month. This first update followed complaints about the game’s economy that saw Rockstar promise a re-balance “to ensure all activities are appropriately rewarding and fun.”

To be eligible for the rewards, players need to have participated in the Online beta between its launch and Thursday, December 20. The additional 15 gold bars will be rolling out today, so you still have time to log on and make yourself eligible. All gold bars will be distributed by Monday, December 24.

The in-game cash gifts will be split over the following tiers:

  • Special Edition Owners: RDO$100
  • Ultimate Edition Owners: RDO$1,000
  • Everyone who pre-ordered: RDO$100 (in addition to Ultimate and Special Edition gifts)

Rockstar has also confirmed that anti-griefing measures are in the works, as well as teasing “new features, modes and additional Red Dead Online gameplay content updates” that it will share in the new year.

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