Punk would have incentive to behave differently in WWE, says Eric Bischoff as he reacts to AEW firing Punk


In his latest “8e Weeks” podcast with host Conrad Thompson, former top WCW executive and WWE personality Eric Bischoff explored the notion of CM Punk joining WWE.

“Yeah, it could be good,” he said. “And look, again, this falls into the category of fantasy booking, but let’s just entertain ourselves for a minute. What if WWE, for whatever reason, Paul [Levesque] decided, you know what, I’m going to bring him in and give it a shot. Historically, WWE has done that type of thing. You just covered it.”

Although Bischoff had been critical of Punk’s conduct in AEW and advocated Tony Khan firing Punk even before his match at All In against Samoa Joe, he indicate WWE’s more structured environment with more established chains of locker room authority and leadership could make a difference.

“Punk is not going to bully his way around a WWE locker room,” he said. “He’ll find himself stuffed in a garbage can. That won’t be tolerated. And he knows that. It’s one thing to get physical and call out Jack Perry. It’s quite another thing to try to throw your weight around in a WWE locker room. It’s not the same thing.

He speculated that Punk would handle the WWE situation differently than AEW because it could be his “last shot” at adding to his legacy and his bank account. “I don’t know him at all,” Bischoff said. “I’ve never had a direct conversation with him. I’ve never had a syllable of conversation with him face to face. But Punk would also know that this is like a big opportunity. And probably my last shot, right? So he’d probably go in with a much different attitude than he had in, and who knows, maybe when he got to AEW. He may have had a good attitude, and maybe it would [work out].”

[h/t to Wrestling Headlines for transcript of Bischoff’s comments]

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