‘Possessed’ minibus starts own engine & self-destructs in Russia’s Kaliningrad (VIDEO)

An infernal incident was caught on CCTV in Russia’s western enclave of Kaliningrad when a parked van suddenly started, rammed another vehicle, and crashed into an apartment block, nearly starting a deadly fire.

With a shower of sparks coming from under the blue Mercedes Sprinter vehicle, Twitter users suggested that it was “possessed by the devil, so holy water was needed.”

Another joker expressed the belief that the van had moved because there was “a portal to another dimension” behind it.


The minibus eventually caught fire and was burnt out, putting the residents of an apartment block in danger and prompting the arrival of a fire brigade.

So, some Twitterati claimed that it was a planned attack and that the “Rise of the Machines,” promised by ‘The Terminator’ movie franchise, has begun.

“Skin-covered bastards you won’t hide from us in your concrete caves,” that’s what the minibus must’ve been thinking, according to one of the users.

There were others who remembered the rivalry between the Autobots and Decepticons, calling the video a ‘Transformers’ spinoff.

However, others attempted to find a rational explanation for the incident, with most agreeing that it was likely caused by a short circuit in the wiring of the vehicle’s starter.

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