Payday 2’s Secret Ending Unlocked, Five Years After Release

After five years of players traveling down a convoluted series of rabbit holes that includes several dead ends, Payday 2’s secret ending has finally been uncovered.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports that YouTuber GeneralMcBadass has posted a video showing players how to unlock the finale. To get the ending, players need to get a number of collectibles, all acquired through separate missions, and then decipher some runes.

Specifically, players need to put together a disk full of the runes that’s constructed from four individual components. Next, a medallion has to be acquired and nine specific keys on a piano must be struck. Every player who does so will get a different combination of runes corresponding to 20 of 50 possible in-game achievements from specific objectives from different maps.

From there, players have to launch Payday 2’s White House mission. If every player in a group has completed the previous steps, a certain painting within the White House will glow, allowing it to be removed which exposes a wall that can be blown up. This leads down to a vault door with yet more runes that must be deciphered while endless waves of demons spawn.

Once the code is cracked, players will open the door and get some story from the Dentist character who must then be shot. After placing some Mayan gold bars on specific floor tiles, the room lights up like a rock concert before fading to white.

By completing all of those tasks, players are treated to a live-action scene that lasts more than seven minutes followed by a lengthy epilogue text crawl. In the end, it all wraps into references from several in-game characters that players believe unveils a supernatural connection between the character Bain and the president of the United States.

IGN awarded Payday 2 an 8 in our review, calling it a deep experience when played in co-op. In February, publisher Starbreeze brought an outdated version of Payday 2 to Switch.

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