NJPW G1 Climax 33 night five live results: SANADA vs. Tsuji

NJPW's G1 Climax 33 tournament continues today in Niigata with A Block & B Block matches. 

In the main event, IWGP World Heavyweight Champion SANADA will try to remain undefeated in this year's G1 as he takes on Yota Tsuji. Tsuji will be looking for his first win after a draw and a loss in his first two G1 bouts. 

It will be a battle of two undefeated wrestlers in the semi-main, with 2-0 Kazuchika Okada facing 2-0 Taichi. 

Today's lineup: 

A Block: SANADA (2-0, 4 points) vs. Yota Tsuji (0-1-1, 1 point)B Block: Kazuchika Okada (2-0, 4 points) vs. Taichi (2-0, 4 points)A Block: Kaito Kiyomiya (2-0, 4 points) vs. Shota Umino (0-1-1, 1 point)B Block: Will Ospreay (1-1, 2 points) vs. KENTA (1-1, 2 points)A Block: Chase Owens (1-1, 2 points) vs. Hikuleo (0-2, 0 points)B Block: Great-O-Khan (0-2, 0 points) vs. El Phantasmo (0-2, 0 points)A Block: Gabe Kidd (1-1, 2 points) vs. Ren Narita (0-0-2, 2 points)B Block: YOSHI-HASHI (1-1, 2 points) vs. Tanga Loa (1-1, 2 points)

Our live coverage begins at 5:30 a.m. Eastern time. 


Recommended Matches

Gabe Kidd vs. Ren Narita – This match was remarkable, easily amongst my favorite from the tournament.Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Shota Umino – I knew going into this match would be special, and it lived up to all of my expectations and then some—my current favorite from G1 33. This was the best singles performance in Shota's career. Kazuchika Okada vs. Taichi – A great, dramatic match and particularly exceptional Taichi outing in the last act.

SANADA vs. Yota Tsuji – As good, if not better, than their IWGP title match.

YOSHI-HASHI defeated Tanga Loa

This was built like a much bigger match than it needed to be. After a ton of dry chops and power move sequences, YH was able to close with a crucifix bomb.

YH has tied the leaders of B Block.

Gabe Kidd defeated Ren Narita

Oh my, this match. From the opening moments, it was electric. Narita and Kidd matched each other's energy from the open, making for one of my favorite matches from the tournament thus far. Kidd won out in the end after hitting a low blow and a piledriver.

Kidd catches the A block leaders with this win, leaving him with 4 points.

Great-O-Khan defeated El Phantasmo

This match was all about ELP trying to fly and O-Khan trying to ground him. After surviving all of ELP's dives, O-Khan hit a Tenzan Tombstone Driver on the floor and forced ELP to tap with an iron claw.

This was the most aggressive outing from O-Khan this tournament, and it worked to score him his first 2 points.

Chase Owens defeated Hikuleo

Unsurprisingly, this match was about Hikuleo using his size to bully his former faction mate and Owens trying to weasel his way out of the situation. Also unsurprising, this match was not good. Chase closed with a shot from his knee brace, followed by a knee strike.

Chase continues to keep up with the block leaders, moving up to 4 points.

Will Ospreay defeated KENTA

KENTA worked a very violent match, not giving Ospreay a chance from the beginning. Even after being brutalized with moves on the floor, weapons, and a low blow, Ospreay held on, hitting a Hidden Blade and Storm Breaker to win the match.

With his second win in block action, Ospreay secures 4 points.

Time Limit Draw: Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Shota Umino

This match was a showcase between two very similar wrestlers in different stages of their careers. Throughout the match, Shota held his own, maintaining control for significant portions; this provided Kaito considerable time to sell, which he's better at than everyone in the world. This match was a breeze, even as it approached the time limit. At different points, it looked like both men would close, but in the end, neither could secure the win.

This draw leaves Kaito ahead in A block with 5 points. Shota is behind with 2 points, both from draws.

Kazuchika Okada defeated Taichi

This was a great match. Okada seemed indifferent throughout the match's runtime, simply brushing off most of Taichi's offense. This allowed Taichi to eventually caught Okada with a powerbomb, leading to a prolonged sequence of power moves and nearfalls. Even still, Okada held on, eventually winning with a sudden pin out of a reversal.

Okada retakes the lead of B block, remaining the only man with all wins and 6 points. 

SANADA defeated Yota Tsuji

While the stakes weren't comparable, this was as good as their IWGP match, with the urgency created by the 20-minute time limit playing a significant factor. Tsuji looked incredible at certain points, establishing himself as a threat throughout the match. In the closing seconds, SANADA kicked out of a curb stomp and reversed a spear attempt before landing a moonsault and Deadfall to secure the win.

SANADA maintained his perfect record and retook the lead in A Block with the last perfect record and 6 points.



A Block

SANADA (3-0) – 6 points)Kaito Kiyomiya (2-0-1) – 5 pointsGabe Kidd (2-1) 4 pointsChase Owens (2-1) – 4 pointsRen Narita (0-1-2) – 2 pointsShota Umino (0-1-2) – 2 pointsYota Tsuji (0-2-1) – 1 pointHikuleo (0-3) – 0 points

B Block

Kazuchika Okada (3-0) – 6 pointsTaichi (2-1) – 4 pointsWill Ospreay (2-1) 4 pointsYOSHI-HASHI (2-1) – 4 pointsTanga Loa (1-2) 2 pointsKENTA (1-2) 2 pointsGreat-O-Khan (1-2) 2 pointsEl Phantasmo (0-3) 0 points

C Block

David Finlay (2-0) – 4 pointsEVIL (2-0) – 4 pointsHENARE (1-1) – 2 pointsEddie Kingston (1-1) – 2 pointsMikey Nicholls (1-1) – 2 pointsTama Tonga (1-1) – 2 pointsTomohiro Ishii (0-2) – 0 pointsShingo Takagi (0-2) – 0 points

D Block

Zack Sabre Jr. (2-0) – 4 pointsJeff Cobb (2-0) – 4 pointsShane Haste (1-1) – 2 pointsHiroshi Tanahashi (1-1) – 2 pointsHirooki Goto (1-1) – 2 pointsTetsuya Naito (1-1) – 2 pointsAlex Coughlin (0-2) – 0 pointsToru Yano (0-2) – 0 pointsClick Here: brisbane lions jersey

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