Nintendo Switch Might Get a YouTube App as Soon as This Week

Nintendo’s marketing strategy for the Switch has involved positioning the device as a games console and little else. But if an apparent leak is accurate, the Switch is about to get a new video-streaming option.

On Saturday, French website NintendHome tweeted what it claimed was a screengrab of a Switch YouTube app teaser from Nintendo of America’s website. According to the image, Switch will get a YouTube app on Thursday.

The above image (translated from French via Google) reportedly showed up as a suggestion while browsing Nintendo of America’s site, but there’s currently no way to reach a page for the YouTube app. Still, this wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo itself leaked something on its own website via suggested listings. In September, the Nintendo of America website accidentally outed the title of the next Yoshi game in this same manner.

Nintendo has previously put YouTube apps onto its 3DS, Wii U, and Wii, but the Switch remains without one more than a year and a half into its life cycle. While Switch did get Hulu in 2017, its still without a number of high-profile video services that appeared on other Nintendo platforms, like Netflix. Switch’s only other current video-streaming app is the Japan-only Niconico.

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