Long Beach Man Kills Brother, Dies in Police Shootout On Doorbell Cam

LONG BEACH, CA — A Long Beach Man drove 750 miles to the home of his estranged brother in northern Utah where he killed his brother, shot his brother’s wife, and set the home on fire last week, according to Utah law enforcement officials.

Jeffrey Roberts, 66, was caught on his brother Scott Roberts’s Ring doorbell camera pulling out a gun and shooting into the home on April 27 while Scott and his wife Jodilyn Roberts were eating dinner alone.

Editor’s Note: The video linked below in this article contains graphic footage of two fatal shootings.

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In the video footage, which was released by the Weber County Attorney, Roberts is seen approaching the front door, ringing the doorbell, and fiddling with something concealed inside his hooded jacket. His brother answers the door, and the men proceed to have a short conversation where Jeffrey Roberts says he stopped by to visit his mother.

After being told his mother moved to a different state to live with relatives, Jeffrey Roberts then brandishes a gun and is seen firing into the home before moving out of view of the camera. According to police, that’s when Jeffrey Roberts shot and killed his brother and wounded his wife.

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According to law enforcement, a neighbor called 911 after hearing the gunshots. In the time it took police to get to the scene, Roberts is seen returning to his car and retrieving a shotgun and a large bag before returning to the home.

After about five minutes, Roberts left the house while talking on the phone as smoke alarms blare in the background, according to authorities. Police said Roberts used road flares to start the fire inside.

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When North Ogden Police Department officers arrived, Roberts immediately began to shoot at them, according to the police department. In the video, Roberts is seen running out of the house before he was shot and killed by police as smoke from the fire poured out the front door of the home.

Roberts’ brother Scott died at the scene according to police, and paramedics transported Jodilyn to a local hospital to treat her injuries after she was also shot.

The couple’s daughter Kelsey Turner organized a GoFundMe campaign to help cover costs, as Turner said the fire left her mother without any clothing or personal items. Authorities told Turner that while they may be able to recover some things from the home, most of the house was destroyed in the blaze.

In just six days, Turner’s fundraiser has received more than $37,000 in donations, which is more than three times the original goal of $10,000. Turner said that all the funds will go toward necessities for her mother.

“My mom is alive because my dad fought my uncle and told my mom to run. Knowing that my dad died a hero is bringing us a small bit of comfort,” Turner said.

After the shootout, authorities said they found a 9-millimeter handgun, 23 fully-loaded handgun magazines, a 12-gauge shotgun and more than 150 shotgun shells. Police said the Weber County Force Investigation Team will investigate the incident, and a final report with all the evidence will be submitted to the local attorney’s office for final review.

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