KR Loves Sonia, According To Mysterious Newfoundland Billboards

CONCEPTION BAY SOUTH, N.L. — An eastern Newfoundland town has been gripped by the mystery of billboards that declare large-lettered love for Sonia, from KR.

The 10-foot by 20-foot billboards went up on a road leading into Conception Bay South before Christmas, bearing the simple message: “KR (hearts) SONIA.”

Another declares “KR & SONIA, SOULMATES,” bracketed by large red hearts.

While KR is loud and proud about their feelings for Sonia, their identity remains shrouded in mystery as Valentine’s Day approaches.

The mystery has deepened over the weeks, as the posters appeared in various combinations on different sides.

Residents have been exchanging theories in a community Facebook group since mid-December.

Some suggested KR wronged Sonia and is trying to win her back.

“Screwed up so bad (that) flowers just won’t do,” one Facebook user wrote.

Others posited it might be a marketing gimmick by a dating app or by the billboard company.

According to Pattison Outdoor Advertising, the company that rents the billboard space, a private buyer purchased the space, but a spokesperson had little else to add for privacy reasons.

The company’s St. John’s account executive said even he doesn’t know the full story behind his client’s roadside proclamation.

Phil Quann said the billboard buyer requested privacy, and he didn’t have details to share about his client’s identity, motivations or relationship status.

“They wanted to be very private about it and not release any details,” Quann said in an interview.

Quann declined to share what the company charged to display the personal messages, but said the client purchased four posters with the same messages that were displayed at different times.

Quann said KR’s was the first personal, anonymous message he’s displayed on a Pattison billboard in Newfoundland, but he’s heard of a similar instance in Nova Scotia.

It was an unusual sale, but Quann said the company had no issue sharing the message.

“The person wanted to pay for it, so it was up to them.”

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