KAIRI announced for GLEAT show next month

KAIRI has been announced for a show with GLEAT next month. 

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The promotion put out a video on Wednesday announcing the former IWGP Women's Champion for Shinjuku FACE on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. Her opponent for the show has yet to be announced. 

KAIRI is expected back in WWE shortly, with our own Dave Meltzer stating earlier this month that she could return to the company in November. She announced at a press conference on August 7 that she is preparing for a "new voyage" and will be taking an indefinite hiatus after finishing up some dates. The 34-year-old is booked for the Sendai Girls' promotion on September 2 and an All Japan show on September 9 as well.  

Meltzer addressed KAIRI's departure from Stardom and pending WWE return in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, noting that Triple H being in charge of WWE creative played a role in her decision. 

Meltzer wrote:

Bushiroad wanted her exclusive. She wanted to work more dates but Bushiroad wanted exclusivity regarding the more dates which would also mean more money. Other things also came up as mentioned last week. She then talked about returning to WWE and had thoughts about returning, particularly with the success Sky has had there. She talked with those close to her who supported her leaving with the idea that if she doesn’t, she later in life would always have questions or regrets about it. She also felt things for her would be better with Levesque in charge of creative

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