Jim Ross Shares Target Date For His AEW Return

Jim Ross recently talked about a wide range of topics on his Grilling JR podcast. 


During it, the WWE Hall of Famer gave a health update, noting he wants to be back in time for the AEW Worlds End PPV on December 30. Here are the highlights: 

On his current status: 

“I gotta go see an entomologist because we’re finding out that my vision is somewhat blurred at times. So we’re gonna get my eyes checked. I’m good today and I might be good tomorrow but I’m not good all the time. I want to be good all the time. It’s a lot of moving parts, Connie. I really do appreciate all the fans on social media because I read the tweets…I really appreciate the support, it’s heartwarming…it’s meaningful. I’m not bullsh*tting nobody.”

Ross continued, “The medicines that have been prescribed to me are working. Mentally, I feel like I’m back in the hunt competitively. I have no idea what my future is at AEW, I have no clue. To be very frank about it, I’m not worried about yay or nay. My work should stand on its own after 50 years, for God’s sake. Seriously. So sometimes I worry too much. I think it’s just a matter of being an alpha male and wanting to do whatever it is on my terms. And I understand that’s not always possible. But I do appreciate all the feedback. It’s very meaningful to me. I appreciate everybody’s support and their love.”

On when he would like to be back: 

“Well sooner than later…I know that’s not a very good answer. A date I have at the corner of my eye [and] thought about the pay-per-view (Worlds End) in Long Island. That’s a hope that I would be healthy enough and able to work and work to the level that I need to work. No, I don’t have a date. It’s just hard to plan. I don’t want to set myself up for disappointment. If I say I’m gonna do something and I say I’m gonna do it then it’s gonna get done but I can’t commit to that right now because I still got some ongoing health issues that need to be addressed and they are being addressed as I mentioned moments ago. It’s just a process, man. As long as my heart’s beating that blood, I want to be involved in some way because I still love the wrestling business. It’s cruel sometimes. It’s challenging more often than not. For some reason, it’s what I love and now that Jan’s gone, I need something to love. I’m not being funny here. I need to make sure I got something in the works to fill that void…”

On Worlds End being the goal for him: 

“I’m thinking that’s one goal, I guess you could say. I don’t know. That would be on my radar, no doubt about that. Largely that’s up to Tony Khan and what he wants me to do and getting approval from the doctor so I can travel okay and deal with the swelling and all this other sh*t. I’ve just gotten used to the pain and I’ve gotten used to the discomfort.”

(H/T to WrestlingNews.co for the quotes) 

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