Innuos Zenith Mk3 and Statement music servers and PhoenixUSB reclocker, Boulder 1161 amplifier, Ayre Acoustics QX5 pre/DAC, YG Acoustics Vantage loudspeakers, AudioQuest Niagara 7000 power conditioner and cabling, and SGR Audio Hi-Fi rack

My last exhibit in one of the multi-tower Gaylord Hotel’s 1500 rooms was sponsored by Portuguese music server manufacturer Innuos. I’ve been looking for a music server to review and, with Jim Austin’s approval, hope to tackle the top-of-the-line Statement ($13,750 for 1TB SSD up to $15,150 for 4TB SSD). Released last November, here at the show it reproduced music with impressive transparency, depth, color, and body.

Featured, however, was the world premiere of the company’s PhoenixUSB reclocker ($3149), which can be used with any device to reclock signals sent via USB and ethernet. When paired with the company’s Zenith Mk3 music server ($4249 for 1TB SSD, also available in 2TB and 4TB models), it delivered fuller sound with a warmer, richer midrange. Note as well that it was featured among far more costly and quite revealing components: the Boulder 1161 stereo amplifier ($22,000), Ayre Acoustics QX5 pre/DAC ($8950), YG Acoustics Vantage loudspeakers ($32,800/pair), AudioQuest Niagara 7000 power conditioner ($7999), and AudioQuest cabling, including a top-of-the-line Diamond USB cable. The system also benefitted from an SGR Audio Hi-Fi rack and Gik Acoustics room treatment.

Close to show’s close, I shared the room with two members of the Pacific Northwest Audio Society. It’s fair to say we were all impressed with the sound of these servers on Reference Recordings’ disc of Chadwick’s Aphrodite. Good stuff, deserving of your attention.

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