Historic Former Stonington Restaurant Being Renovated

STONINGTON, CT — A building with plenty of history in Stonington Borough is being converted into condominiums with the intention of retaining what makes the structure special.

Natalie Marcus, of Marcus Stonington Ventures, LLC, and her father, Mitch Marcus, recently purchased the 17 Hancox St. property.

“When we saw Sea Village for the first time after it went on the market last summer, we recognized its potential to benefit the community if the building were fixed up and cared for,” Natalie Marcus said.

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At some point in the 19th century, the property was home to Zebulon Hancox, who the street was named after. The building first opened in 1929 as a restaurant and was later converted into a hotel, then eventually became apartments.

“We are currently working on renovating the property and converting it into condominiums,” Natalie Marcus said. “We are taking special care to update the property while preserving all of the historic charm and character.”
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She said they found many old photos of the property from the Stonington Historical Society and are working with a tenant on enhancing them to showcase throughout the lobby and hallways to celebrate its history.

In the mid-20th century, the building was home to Sea Village Restaurant. Natalie Marcus said they’ve heard “anecdotally from locals that Sea Village Restaurant was where you’d go out for a fancy celebration dinner.”

The restaurant closed in 1962 due to bankruptcy. The condominiums will be dubbed Sea Village.

“What’s so special about this property is that it’s nestled right onto a quiet, residential street in the heart of the Borough,” Natalie Marcus said.

The property is on the water with a private dock overlooking Little Narragansett Bay. It has 14 units, with two currently on the market. The starting price for these units is $399,000, which Natalie Marcus said was “virtually unheard of in the Stonington Borough” as prices have skyrocketed in recent years.

“The units are designed as pied-à-terres for someone who wants to own a place in Stonington without the commitment of an entire house,” she said. “Sea Village enables residents to reap all the benefits of living in the Borough — keeping their boat right in their backyard, walking to nearby restaurants and shops, ingraining themselves in the close-knit community — without the hefty price tag of purchasing a house in the Borough.”

More information on Sea Village condominiums is available here.

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