Hicksville Teacher's 1st Children Book Explores Digital Technology

HICKSVILLE, NY — A Hicksville Middle School teacher is now a children’s author. Dr. Alia Kamal Khan is teaching about technology with her book “The Digital Learner: A Saved Story from the Memory of Mr. Time-Bot, the Class Robot!”

Khan’s doctorate dissertation is about educational technology, “which inspired me to write this children’s book,” she told Patch.

In the book, a young girl has problems understanding technology in school.

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“With the help of Mr. Time-Bot, the class robot, she gets through it,” Khan said.

The ending reveals that the girl is actually a teacher who is falling behind in the world of technology know-how, needing help from a student.

Find out what's happening in Hicksvillewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

As she learned through her doctorate work, there are teachers who are more comfortable than others in dealing with technology.

The book, available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, is also part of the Hicksville Middle School’s library.

“The students do like it a lot,” she said. It’s a book for all ages, but Khan conceded, “It’s more for grades two and up, just because of the reading level.”

It was a two-year process to bring Mr. Time-Bot to fruition, with hopes of more adventures for her lead character.

“I would love to write more books,” she said.

Khan immediately suggested, “looking at the historical perspective of technology, looking at how the future of education might be with all this new technology.”

As a 14-year educator, Khan said this book sends a positive message to students.

“I hope this story really empowers all ages to try things that are new and challenging. Don’t hold yourself back,” she said.

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