Here's The Route Of Sewaren Waterfront Walkway

WOODBRIDGE, NJ — It was big news when Woodbridge announced Monday they are finishing the waterfront walkway along Cliff Road in Sewaren.

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Now today, here is exactly the route the finished walkway will take, plus a footbridge the county plans to build to connect the Woodbridge marina to Alvin P. Williams Park. No date has been given when the walking bridge to Alvin P. Williams will be built; that appears to be far off in the future.

As it currently stands, the Sewaren waterfront walkway is only half complete:

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The existing paved sidewalk begins on Cliff Road at Captain Carlson Park/the boat launch (at the end of Ferry Street) and ends about a half mile before the former Captain Hook’s Marina, which Woodbridge Township purchased a few years ago.

The plan is to now have the walkway be completed and connect the town boat launch to the new Sewaren marina. In total, the walkway will run for 1.5 miles. Woodbridge plans to rename the old Captain Hook’s Marina the “Up Smith’s Creek complex,” complete with a tiki bar, amphitheater and more parking. Here’s renderings of how it will look when finished.

Find out what's happening in Woodbridgewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Mayor John McCormac said ever since the 1990s the town wanted a walkway there. But at some point the money ran out, and the current walkway stops halfway. Congressman Frank Pallone secured $4 million this year to finish the walkway. McCormac said the town will use the money to “go as far as we can go.”

The reconstructed Sewaren marina will have:

The town is also making improvements to and expanding the existing dog park off Cliff Road.

Woodbridge Twp. said in a statement Thursday:

“Sewaren is long overdue for economic development/redevelopment and revitalization.

The entire marina project will enhance the economy of Sewaren as it will bring walking tourism to the neighborhood. The goal of the project is to connect residents to amenities that are not easily accessible, as they currently exist. The 1.5 mile Woodbridge/Sewaren Waterfront Walkway will not only boost property values because of the added amenity in the neighborhood, but will draw residents and visitors to enjoy a low-impact stroll to the marina businesses and surrounding Sewaren businesses.”

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