Happy Little Bob Ross Action Figure From NECA Announced

Toy Fair 2019 was filled with great announcements, but perhaps none are as charming as NECA’s 8-inch clothed Bob Ross action figure.

The Joy of Painting host, whose TV show brought the masses the simple pleasure of creating your own worlds on canvas, comes with real-cloth pants and shirt, similar to Mego figures from the 1970s. His signature ‘fro, however, is molded, but authentically enormous.

In addition to real pants, shirt, and belt with chunky buckle, the Bob Ross figure includes an easel upon which Bob Ross creates magical landscapes using the wet-on-wet painting technique, brushes and paint knife to tease out entire new worlds from the canvas, and a palette loaded with colors from Alizarin Crimson to Phthalo Blue.

NECA said the figure won’t be a retailer-exclusive, like its recent TMNT line or the GameStop-exclusive Transformers Ghostbusters mash-up Ecto 1 toy from Hasbro. No word yet on price or an exact release date, other than the figure should be hitting stores in the second quarter of this year.

Seth Macy is IGN’s tech and commerce editor and lover of Bob Ross. Find him on Twitter @sethmacy.


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