GUNTHER Wants The Number One Spot In The WWE Royal Rumble

GUNTHER speaks about the WWE Royal Rumble matchup.


The Ring General and current reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion gave his thoughts on being the #1 entrant during a recent edition of WWE Playback. GUNTHER entered the 2023 Royal Rumble at number one and nearly won the entire thing before being eliminated by Cody Rhodes.

See that if I have to say, I always said if I’m ever participating in a Royal Rumble match, I want to be in at number one. Because if you come in as thirty, and you win it, it’s basically a present. The number one really has to earn it. I think it’s a very accurate entrance for a person for my stature.

GUNTHER will be in action at tomorrow’s Royal Rumble in Tampa Bay, Florida. In recent weeks on Raw he vowed to not only win the Rumble, but dethrone Seth Rollins for the world heavyweight championship.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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