Good News In Essex County: Turning Lives Around + Beer + Coat Giveaway

ESSEX COUNTY, NJ — The world can be a scary place. But it’s also filled with humor, inspiration and beauty. Let’s focus on that second part. Take a look at some recent good news stories in Essex County below. (Click the headlines to read).

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New Careers Help Former Offenders Turn Lives Around In NJ City

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“As a 74-year-old man, I’ve been blessed to have this opportunity to start my business.”

West Orange Community Leader ‘Puts Others Before Herself’

Find out what's happening in Newarkwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

Patch has partnered with T-Mobile to celebrate “community leaders” in New Jersey, including West Orange.

Essex County Honors Martial Arts Team After Tournament Victories

A martial arts school from Essex County has kicked its way to victory at multiple 2023 Taekwondo championships.

Coat Giveaway Is Smash Hit In Newark, Jersey City

Hundreds of people in North Jersey – including recently immigrated migrants – were able to get a leg up on the winter weather.

North Jersey Teens Help Underprivileged Kids Get Swimming Lessons

Tyna and Tyler Davis raised more than $5,500, which paid for swimming lessons for 22 kids in Essex County.

North Caldwell Golfer Heads Up The Pack At Annual Tourney

A North Caldwell resident emerged victorious in the 2023 Essex County Golf Tournament.

Opening Day Nears For Bloomfield’s First Microbrewery

Varitage Brew Works has unveiled the “first beer to ever be proudly brewed in Bloomfield.”

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