ETC News: WWN announces partnership with Powerslam.tv and Pivotshare, new inspirational wrestling book features inspirational quotes from The Rock & Sammartino, Wrestle-1 set to run tryouts in U.S.


-WWNLive, Powerslam.tv, and Pivotshare have announced a new partnership. The press release features a quote from WWNLive COO Sal Hamoui saying that about six events from each WWN brand will be added each month.

You can read the entire press release below:

Los Angeles, CA – WWNLive, Powerslam.TV, and Pivotshare, Inc., are excited to announce their partnership to help WWNLive add their channels to the growing roster of pro wrestling brands using the Pivotshare platform to power their subscription video on demand experience. WWNLIVE not only has their own channels on Pivotshare, but is also syndicating content to Pivotshare’s pro wrestling mega-channel, Powerslam.TV, available on the web, Amazon Channels, as well as iOS, Android, Roku, and AppleTV devices.

Pivotshare has been working in the pro wrestling industry for the last five years and powers more pro wrestling SVOD channels than any other platform in the world. Brands such as Demand Progress, ICW, CZW, RevPro, Highspots, and Pro Wrestling: EVE, all use Pivotshare to offer their libraries of events to their fans world-wide. Powerslam.TV launched last year and already has over 5,000 hours of content from over 130 of these exciting brands in 16 countries around the globe. WWNLIVE will be offering new events from their WWNLIVE library as well as those from Shine, Full Impact Pro, and older archived content from other brands they represent.

Sal Hamoui, COO of WWNLIVE plans to add six events from each brand every month. With a large pool of content from each brand, that guarantees fans fresh events to enjoy every month. Powerslam.TV General Manager, Chris Woolsey said, “Words cannot describe how excited our team is to welcome WWNLIVE to Powerslam.TV. These brands have been industry powerhouses for so long, and we’re thrilled to help them reach yet another audience with their amazing content.”

Fans can sign up for a free trial at Powerlam.TV.

About Powerslam.TV

Powerslam lets you stream the entire world of pro wrestling all in a single channel for one low price. Bringing OVER 5,000 HOURS of content from OVER 130 of your favorite wrestling brands from countries all around the globe right onto your laptop and mobile devices.

You can find all your favorite kinds of wrestling with British strongstyle, women’s wrestling, lucha libre, technical, comedic, high-flying, hardcore, and many others. In addition to the most recent events, Powerslam also gives you shoot interviews, documentaries, backstage footage, round tables, and lifestyle videos with legendary names in the pro wrestling industry.

Get your first month FREE when you use code “5000FREE” at Powerslam.TV.

About Pivotshare

Pivotshare is the best way to make money from your digital media online. With a cutting-edge platform and innovative services, Pivotshare revolutionizes the way publishers sell access to their content.

Pivotshare is a complete self-service solution for media publishers. Anyone can easily monetize content on their own branded online channel or on their own website using pay-per-view, subscription access, downloads, tips in any combination. Our multi-device streaming platform is simple to use and has powerful tools to help publishers succeed in the new digital economy.

For more information and to sign up, please visit http://www.pivotshare.com.


The World Wrestling Network (WWNLIVE) is an American professional wrestling organization and digital media streaming and video on demand service. WWNLIVE operates as a governing body for promotions including EVOLVE, Shine, Full Impact Pro, Dragon Gate USA, and many others.

-Darren Paltrowitz and D.X. Ferris have released a new inspirational book called “Good Advice From Professional Wrestling,”  which features a foreword by Diamond Dallas Page as well as inspiring quotes by icons from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to Bruno Sammartino. You can read more about the book and where it can be purchased HERE.

-Lucha Otaku has partnered with Kaz Hayashi’s Japan based Wrestle-1 and Fite.tv COO Michael Weber to conduct tryouts at select dojos in the U.S. beginning in June 2019. Lucha Otaku’s management team of Gary Lee Jackson, Dan Madigan, and Mitch Berlow have also contracted Sony Onoo to serve as an international consultant. Ohno will oversee the launch of an alliance that will see multiple dojo locations and promotions exchange talent with Wrestle-1. The newly formed alliance will be called W1A. W1A will conduct tryouts with the purpose of providing two scholarships per dojo for wrestlers to train at the Wrestle-1 dojo in Japan for one week.

Tryout information can be seen in the graphic below:


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