Destiny 2 PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements coming next month

PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X enhancements are coming next month, on 5th December, to Destiny 2.

That’s the same date as Destiny 2’s upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC, and the start of the game’s second quarterly Season.

Both PS4 Pro and Xbox One X will gain high dynamic range (HDR) support – something which, so far, has been PC-exclusive.

PS4 Pro will get an “adaptive 4K” resolution, while Xbox One X will get a “4K” resolution.

The above details come from Bungie’s latest weekly update – which does not mention Destiny 2’s new cave farm exploit.

While we’re on the topic of Destiny 2 changes, the game’s weekly reset will move to 5pm UK time on a Tuesday (from 10am) to align the reset with the launch of new expansions.

Curse of Osiris will add a new set of story missions, new strikes and “a new raid activity”, which may or may not mean a full new raid. The level cap’s also getting a boost.

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